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US Court decision: Minimum wages for detainees 29 Oct  2021

Washington State bans for-profit prisons 31 March  2021

Berks detention centre empty!  1 March 2021
Prison strikes 30-day Blackout in Alabama 1 Jan 2021
Press conference to FREE Mumia Abu Jamal 16 Nov 2020
Urgent health care for Maroon 9 Sept 2019
March for Mumia 27 April 2019
Mumia wins new rights to appeal 29 Dec 2018

Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim 47 years in jail 13 Dec 2018

Hunger striker dies at NWDC 16 Nov 2018
US Vets call on soldiers to refuse orders 2 Nov 2018

US Military bases detain immigrants 12 Aug 2018

Immigrant Maru Mora Villalpando: I fought back      25 july 2018

Stop Deportation of immigrants' rights activist Maru Mora-Villalpando

Victory: Maru will stay 27 June 2018

Former Border Officer: Refusing to separate children 19 June 2018
Mumia: Next hearing 30 August 30 Apr 2018

Mumia's brother statement 30 Apr 2018

International Offensive: Free Mumia Abu Jamal 30 Apr 2018    London vigil 30 April    Report Mumia: London vigil 30 April 30 Apr 2018
Black inmates used as guinea pigs 26 Feb 2018
Hunger strikes at North West Detention Center USA 12 Feb 2018
Oppose Censorship Pennsylvania Dept of Correction 7 Feb 2018
Defend Maru Mora-Villalpando Jan-Feb  2018
Last of Dallas 6 out of solitary 17 Nov  2017
Guantanamo inmates  starving   6 Oct 2017
Law suit vs GEO Detainees $1/day under fire 20 Sep 2017
Assault on Black Panther prisoner Herman Bell 10 Sep 2017
Women protest at Tacoma Detention Centre  19 June 2017
Open House solidarity with women & children detained! 1 May 2017
Donate to bring Maroon home 23 April 2017

Hunger strike at US Riverside county jail  13 April 2017

Hunger strike at Tacoma immigration detention centre 13 April 2017
Dallas 6: VICTORY! 21 March 2017
Analysis of Dallas 6's seven year struggle!
27 March  2017
Mother of Dallas 6 defender on fighting prison injustice! 11 March 2017
Stop execution of: Ivan Teleguz in Virginia!  Feb 2017
Tyree Carroll: Police found guilty  17 Feb 2017
US court curbs solitary for Pennsylvania inmates no longer facing execution  9 Feb 2017
Fight for Mumia's healthcare 9 Jan 2017
Fact sheet - US and UK Trans prisoners 29 Oct 2016
24,000 US prisoners on strike 12 Oct 2016
Rev. Pinkney convicted without evidence 11 Oct 2016
Guards sympathize with striking prisoners  9 Oct 2016
45 years ago Attica prisoners uprising 5 Oct 2016
Assessing the US prisoners strike 18 Sep 2016    Women in the prison strikes 29 Sep 2016 
US biggest prisoners strike 9 Sept 2016
Hunger strike by refugee mothers 18 Aug 2016  Write to the mothers
Mumia from prison on Democratic Convention 27 July 2016
Settlement for Maroon 11 July 2016
Prisons fear most labor strikes 7 June 2016
New evidence for Major Tillery 20 May 2016
Work strike by Alabama prisoners 11 May 2016
DALLAS 6 Trial starts / Day 2 / Day 5   /  VICTORY from 4 April 2016
Alabama, Holman prison's inmates demand 14 march 2016
Action against prisons' Sleep Deprivation 23 Feb 2016
Angola 3 Albert Woodfox freed 19 Feb 2016
Dallas 6 defender in solitary confinement: 15 Feb 2016
Kern Valley Prison undermines Agreement to End Hostilities 1 Feb 2016
Judge Approves Pelican Bay Solitary Settlement 26 Jan 2016
Emergency conference to save Rev Pinkney 12 Dec 2015

Hunger strikes in 3 new detention centres 30 Nov 2015  

Hunger strikers sent to medical 7 Dec 2015

Political prisoner Major Tillery needs medical care 3 Nov 2015
Blockade at NWDC detention centre 21 Sept 2015
US Prisoners ends solitary confinement 17 Sept 2015
Urgent action for Mumia 11 Sept 2015
Why is Rev Pinkney in jail? 31 August 2015
Letter needed for Rev Pinkney 12 August 2015
Guantanamo: 8-year hunger strike by Tariq Ba Odah 9 July 2015
US week of action to close detention centres 7-11 July 2015
US Bill against detention 14 May 2015


Dallas 6 report of last hearing  27 February 2015

Court hearing for Dallas 6 4 February 2015

Dallas 6 fundraisers13 & 14 February  1 February 2015

Dallas 6  win continuance 10 November 2014

Support the Dallas 6. Join the events 20 October 2014



+ URGENT: Donate to save Mumia 6 August 2015

+ Mumia hospitalised again - Update 12 & 13 May 2015

+ Update 2 May 2015

+ Mumia able to see his lawyer   30 April 2015

+ Letter to Mr Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania by Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike  29 April 2015

+ video April 2015

+ Mumia's wife: Stop killing my husband. 

Tacoma: divest from deportation & detention! / Message of Support from UK
25 April 2015
Rally in London to Free Mumia 25 April 2015
Teacher suspended for supporting Mumia 15 April 2015
Stop the execution of Andre Cole 13 April 2015  Missouri executes Andre Cole 15 April 2015
Mumia's wife: Stop killing my husband 11 April 2015

40 detained mothers detaines on hunger strike in Texas 31 March 2015

Mumia rushed to hospital 31 March 2015
Hunger strike at Ohio State Penitentiary 16 March 2015

Rev Pinkney appeal denied 4 March 2015

Stop execution of Kelly Gissendaner in Georgia 2 March 2015

Rodney Reed wins stay of execution 23 February 2015

Stop execution of Rodney Reed     Petition  Letter for clemency

Ex-police officer says Rodney Reed is innocent 15 February 2015

Willacy County Prison taken over by inmates 21 February 2015

The Angola 3: Albert Woodfox overturned conviction confirmed 6 February 2015
Watch VIDEO Torture in US prisons
Rev Edward Pinkney: Call for support 27 January 2015
Cages Kill protest in Santa Cruz  24 January 2015
New Political Prisoner For America: Rev. Edward Pinkney  18 January 2015   
Defend Rev Pinkney in jail - Petition 23 December 2014
NWDC resistance (Tacoma) response to Obama 23 November 2014

Reverend Pikney convicted without evidence 21 November 2014

3rd hunger strike at Tacoma detention centre 3  November 2014

Philadelphia Community Forum for Dallas 6 24 October 2014

California prisoners assess victories one year on 2 October 2014

Free Tacoma detention centre protest leader 19 September 2014
Texas prison: victory on right to visit  9 September 2014
US prisoners on solitary speak 4 September 2014

Civilians and vets support prisoner resistance. (IVAW) 11 Aug 2014

Tacoma: first victories 3 August 2014

Press Obama to stop detention and deportation  2 August 2014

BWRAP's message to Tacoma 2 August 2014
US: Immigrants challenge NGOs 28 July 2014
A letter from undocumented mother 28 July 2014
Remembering the California prison hunger strike 8 July 2014

Prisons: from Palestine to Pelican Bay 20 June 2014

California prisoners law suit against isolation 2 June 2014

Hunger strike in North Carolina prison 2 June 2014
Free Lorenzo Johnson! June 2014
Stop women's jail in LA  6 May 2014
Tacoma: 500 demonstrate for detainees strikers 9 April 2014
Bill against solitary confinement 9 April 2014
Shut Guantanamo action in London 3 April 2014
Brother of Babar Ahmed speaks    21 March 2014

Support Georgia prison hunger strikers 19 March 2014

Support families at US Senate hearing on use of Solitary Confinement 25 February 2014
Russell Maroon Shoatz released from solitary 20 February 2014

Letter by Guantanamo Prisoner Emad Hassan 20 February 2014

End Long Term Solitary Confinement!    Pelican Bay prisoners' statement 11 February 2014

Menard hunger strikers: We need outside support, threat of forced feeding 21 January 2014 
Collective Struggle inside the Westville Control Unit 10/15 15 January 2014
Prisoners strike in Alabama 7 January 2014
London Protest against Guantanamo 11 January 2014

Urgent petition for Angola Three Albert Woodfox 3 January 2014

Guantanamo prisoner Shaker Aamer speaks 18 November 2013
Pennsylvania: Juvenile life prisoners denied justice 30 Oct 2013
Pelican prisoners meet administration 20 October 2013
Call on Guantanamo health professionals 10 October 2013
Angola 3 Herman Wallace died 4 October 2013
California prisoners – "This is war" 27 September 2013
Margaret Prescod on California prisoners 8 August 2013
Hunger for justice international action     Philadelphia protest   31 July 2013
California Prison Officials Retaliating Against Hunger Strikers  19 July 2013
Faces and Voices of the California Prison Hunger Strike 10 July 2013
California prisoners strike 8 July 2013
Prisoner solidarity from Palestine to Pelican Bay 7 July 2013
Guantanamo hunger strike on UK TV 15 April 2013       1 out 4 Guantanamo hunger strikers force fed 6 June 2013
Free Russell Maroon Shoatz from solitary 15 April 2013

Chowchilla Freedom Rally Photos from the Freedom Rally held at the Central California Women’s Facility, near Chowchilla. Proestors marched against the horrendous living conditions in this notorious prison.
26 January 2013

     Thousands Rally Against Prison Overcrowding 26 January 2013

    VIDEO: Hundreds of prison protestors rally outside of Chowchilla 26 January 2013

    Protest Against Overcrowding Held Outside Philadelphia Women’s Prison 26 January 2013
    Holloway, London - Support women prisoners 25 January 2013

Close Guantanamo international protests  11 January 2013
Protest at Graterford Prison construction site 21 November 2012
US prisoners call for national hunger/work strike JULY 2013 18 November 2012
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Hear Testimony on the Torture of Solitary Confinement September 22, 2012
North Carolina Prisoners' Hunger Strike 1 Aug 2012
An inmate speaks of solitary confinement 7 July 2012
Film Screening "COINTELPRO 101" at Crossroads Womens' Centre 25 June 2012

John Carter murdered by prison guards 19 May 2012

Campaign to free Russell Maroon Shoatz 5 May 2012
International Campaign to Free the Angola 3 April 2012
Selma James on Anti-Capitalism behind bars 1 April 2012
Anti-capitalism behind bars videos: Selma James (Global Women`s Strike) & Eric Gjersten (Payday men`s network)  17 March 2012

San Quentin prison Occupy protest  20 February 2012

Occupy National Day of Action for Prisoners! - next steps! 20 February 2012
Stop solitary confinement of Russell Maroon Shoatz 16 February 2012 SIGN THE PETITION
Mumia transferred to general population prison. 27 January 2012
Mumia's Still in the Hole While Abu-Jamal’s detractors dismiss all claims of his being a political prisoner, his post-arrest ordeals provide a compelling case of a person targeted by authorities for being who he is politically more than for the crime he is supposedly serving time for. 18 January 2012
National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners The prison system is the most visible example of policies of punitive containment of the most marginalized and oppressed in our society. Prior to incarceration, 2/3 of all prisoners lived in conditions of economic hardship. While the perpetrators of white-collar crime largely go free   9 January 2012
The Guantánamos Next Door The U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay turns 10 today, and activists are marking the anniversary with protests and petitions, reports and retrospectives.

11 January 2012

Guantánamo Prisoners Stage Peaceful Protest and Hunger Strike on 10th Anniversary of the Opening of the Prison 10 January 2012

Martina Correia, 1967-2011: Led Struggle for Troy Davis’ Life as She Fought for Her Own
02 December 2011

Three Prisoners Die in Hunger Strike Related Incidents CDCR kept info. from Next of Kin, fails to report deaths 17 November 2011
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Grants Hank Skinner Given Stay of Execution 7 November 2011
Ruling Lifts Mumia Abu-Jamal from Death Row  11 October 2011
Inspiring and emotional analysis (broadcast down the phone line, direct from Death Row) by Mumia Abu-Jamal, of the state-sanctioned murder of Troy Davis. You can download it here, or at the link below:
30 September 2011


His last words

Troy Davis is dead; the movement continues

Europeans Incensed With Execution of Troy Davis

660,000 strong petition for Troy Davis 15 Sept 2011

URGENT ACTION NEEDED! The state of Georgia has set Troy Davis's execution date for midnight on September 21st, just eight days from today.

URGENT ACTION NEEDED! The state of Georgia has set Troy Davis's execution date for midnight on September 21st, just two weeks from today. 9 September 2011

Open Letter to Governor Jerry Brown about prisoners hunger strike Ask organizations you work with to sign on to this organizational Open Letter to Gov. Brown to grant the demands of the hunger strikers. 17 July 2011
Taking AIM and Wounding Justice Through the Incarceration of Leonard Peltier Leonard Peltier is behind bars, but his voice has not been silenced. 1 July 2011
Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Watch the video 1 July 2011

Mumia - Mad in the Middle East  It would be challenging to count the wives or children who were beaten or abused by returning soldiers.  Indeed, the levels of suicide among armed forces shows that war attacks the self. 12 June 2011

Solitary Watch Confronts Torture in US Prisons An interview with James Ridgeway and Jean Casella 12 June 2011
The European Union calls for the commutation of Troy Davis' death sentence. 8 June 2011
Dispatch from Death Row: Saving Troy Davis 1 June 2011
The Locked Gate: Standing Up for My Brother on Death Row An excellent article on the ongoing fight for justice for Troy Davis, as told by his sister, Martina Davis-Correia. 20 May 2011
VOICES: The Railroading of Troy Davis "Troy Davis' case is emblematic of a broken and unjust death penalty system. His story speaks volumes about a criminal justice system that is riddled with bias and error and is fixated on procedure more than it is on fairness". 05 May 2011
Court Rules Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Death Sentence is Unconstitutional The case of Pennsylvania death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal took a surprising turn Tuesday when an appeals court unanimously declared his death sentence unconstitutional. It’s the second time the court has done so. 27 April 2011
PLEASE HELP SAVE TROY DAVIS' LIFE! Georgia may be about to kill an innocent man. That's not justice. Please ask the Georgia Parole Board to spare Troy Davis' life, before it's too late -- and it's critical that you ask others to do the same 20 April 2011
Troy Davis Appeal Denied justice system is comfortable allowing someone to be executed when there are lingering doubts about guilt in the case. 28 March 2011
My 44 Years on Death Row "We were like human animals in one of the old-style zoos. A man might bang his head against steel bars drawing enough blood could be an avenue out to the hospital for the criminally insane where conditions were better and the insanity label protected him from execution".
20 January 2011
Lucasville Prison hunger strikers - win demands! The prison authorities have provided, in writing, a set of conditions that virtually meets the demands set out by Bomani Shakur in his letter to Warden Bobby, provided elsewhere on this site. 15 January 2011
Payday message of support for Lucasville 5 We are honoured to be in touch with prisoners on the inside whose struggle is too often ignored and even hidden, and whose only resource is each other. You are showing us on the outside how to organize effectively. 15 January 2011
Hunger for Death Row: Lucasville Five prisoners seeking death row status 11 January 2011
A statement from Bomani Shakur, from the Lucasville 5 "It seems that no matter what we do, they are determined to keep us locked down in punitive segregation – being vindictive for no apparent reason, except for the fact that they are upset about what happened at Lucasville.”  3 January 2011
On Bradley Manning, Solitary Confinement, and Selective Outrage The treatment of Bradley Manning, which has introduced many on the left to the torment of solitary confinement, may present an opportunity for them to measure their own humanity. 2 January 2011
Statement of Solidarity with Georgia Prisoner Strike Prisoners are demanding a living wage for work, increased educational opportunities, decent health care, an end to cruel and unusual punishment, decent living conditions, nutritional meals, vocational and self-improvement opportunities, access to families, and just parole decisions.  December 2010
BIGGEST PRISONER STRIKE IN U.S. HISTORY - The prisoners' demands  8 December 2010
Surviving solitary confinement Being confined to the cell for 23 to 24 hours a day gives one a lot of time to study and internalize all the rules, policies, procedures, state laws or codes, and use them to confront those responsible for our placement in these units. December 2010
MUMIA UPDATE September 2010: Exclusive! New Test Shows Key Witnesses Lied at Abu-Jamal Trial; Sidewalk Murder Scene Should Have Displayed Bullet Impacts 19 September 2010

MUMIA: 9 November 2010: Third Circuit Court Panel Re-Hears Issue of Abu-Jamal's Death Penalty on Orders of Supreme Court

MUMIA UPDATE January 2010: Either we get a green light to proceed with a new jury trial we previously won in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on the question of death or life, or we are closer to an execution. Petition to President Obama.
At long last Troy Davis gets an "evidentiary hearing" to present new evidence of his innocence.
17 August 2009
Click here for news about Mumia Abu-Jamal
My Brother on Death Row. Getting the message to the people not to all the big organizations, but talking to the people who care about human rights, human kindness and dignity, and educating them about the whole system. Then people were willing to spread the knowledge and tell Troy’s story. 26 July 2009
from AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA: Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court delayed a decision on whether to grant Troy Davis an appeal until after it returns from recess in September. 30 JUNE 2009
This NAACP campaign is not just online. NAACP organizers are on the streets and in the churches in Savannah, Georgia, working to persuade the new Chatham County District Attorney, Larry Chisolm, to reopen the case. Sign the petition now 12 June 2009
Payday & Global Women's Strike, 19 May Day of Action for Troy Davis. 28 May 2009
In the Absence of Proof: It’s bad enough that we still execute people in the United States. It’s absolutely chilling that we’re willing to do it when we’re not even sure we’ve got the right person in our clutches. New York Times, May 23, 2009
Take Action Now! Newly-elected District Attorney Chisolm can act now to save Troy's life. Amnesty International. 

My innocent brother on death row: Martina Davis-Correia, Troy Davis's sister, writing in the Guardian: "my brother, has suffered on death row for 18 years for a crime he didn't commit" 20 May 2009

Payday & Global Women's Strike CALL FOR ACTION: Support Death Row prisoner Troy Davis. 19 May 2009

Support in Heidelburg for Troy Anthony Davis This evening around 6pm more than 350 death penalty opponents of all walks of life gathered in the German city of Heidelberg to demonstrate their support for US death row inmate Troy Anthony Davis. Together they occupied the widely known "Old Bridge" in the historic centre of the town to shape a human chain, holding Troy Davis’ face in front of their own faces or above their head. 19 May 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CONDEMNS 11TH CIRCUIT COURT DECISION. ( Atlanta ) ­ Amnesty International USA condemned in the  strongest terms today’s 11th Circuit Court decision to deny Troy Davis  a second petition for a writ of habeas corpus in the district court.  The human rights organization considers the decision a contrived  barrier to justice that could ultimately lead to the execution of a  man with a strong claim of innocence. 16 April 2009
Support Osiris Abu Ameer on death row Father and artist, on death row, convicted of murdering an off-duty police officer and young woman in 1990, in a Philadelphia district notorious for corruption and racism.
Date Set for Davis Oral Arguments A hearing date has been set for convicted killer Troy Davis before the federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court, which stopped Davis's scheduled execution last month, will hear oral arguments about a new round of appeals on December 9th. November 20, 2008
A Global Day of Action for Troy Davis. Last night Amnesty International held a Global Day of Action for Troy Davis. Today, three days before the scheduled execution, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay! 27 October 2008

The Death Sentence of Troy Davis. A Supreme Injustice - New Execution Date Announced to be October 27th. Latest news of the U.S. Death Row prisoner. 16 October 2008

PLEASE HELP SAVE TROY DAVIS! Update from Amnesty International USA on the fate of the Death Row inmate. 14 October 2008
UPDATE - The Supreme Court will probably not announce its decision on Davis' appeal until Monday, October 6. 3 October 2008
Take Action for Troy Davis-Stop Execution. The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to decide whether it will accept death row prisoner Troy Davis' petition to be heard by the court. A decision is expected within the next week, i.e., until October 6.   The same court ordered a stay of Davis' execution, two hours before the set date. 2 October 2008

Execution stayed: The U.S. Supreme Court granted a last-minute reprieve to a Georgia man convicted fewer than two hours before he was to be executed for the 1989 slaying of an off-duty police officer. 23 September 2008

Clemency DENIED: help stop the imminent execution of Troy Davis! On Friday, September 12, the Georgia Board of Pardon and Paroles voted to deny clemency for Troy Anthony Davis. Troy Davis is still scheduled to be executed by the state of Georgia on September 23, even though his serious claims of innocence have never been heard in court. 16 September 2008
TAKE URGENT ACTION NOW TO STOP EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS! As you may have heard, the state of Georgia has issued a death warrant for Troy Davis for the week of the 23rd. Any rational human being would realize that Troy is innocent. 7 of 9 witness recanted their testimony and there is no physical evidence. 10 September 2008

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