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Vets for Peace UK Rememberance 9 November 2014
WW I objectors honoured 21 May 2014
Veterans for Peace UK at the Cenotaph 10  November 2013
Harry Patch, Britain's last surviving soldier of the Great War, dies at 111. Patch fervently believed war was "organised murder". "It was not worth it," he said. "It was not worth one, let alone all the millions." 26 July 2009
Pardon set to wipe 'coward' stain from soldiers' reputation 18 Jun 2006
Last survivor of 'Christmas truce' tells of his sorrow, 19 December, 2004
Sex harassment in armed forces is rife, say women
Almost every woman serving in the Royal Navy, Army and RAF has experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or sexist behaviour.  26 May 2006
SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq
Mr Griffin eventually told SAS commanders at Hereford that he could not take part in a war which he regarded as "illegal".
12 March 2006
Dear Mr Blair, why are you afraid to meet us?
As two more British soldiers die in Iraq, The Independent publishes an open letter from bereaved relatives to the Prime Minister,
01 March 2006
RAF officer faces court martial over Iraq war
An RAF officer faces a court martial for refusing to serve in Iraq on the grounds that the invasion of the country was illegal, defence officials said yesterday. 17 October 2005
Big rise in deserters 'fuelled by Iraq war'
The number of soldiers to desert the army or go absent without leave has more than doubled over the past year, the Ministry of Defence has revealed. 
13 April 2005
Army blames Iraq for drop in recruits
The anti-war movement is exacerbating our recruitment problems.   19 December 2004
Soldiers' families stage Downing Street protest
Among the relatives is Rose Gentle, whose 19-year-old son. Gordon, a Royal Highland Fusilier, was killed by a roadside bomb near Basra in June. She was hoping to meet Mr Blair in person to press home the demand for troops to be withdrawn.       10 November 2004
Messages reveal families' grief - and anger 
If MPs had sons out there fighting they would soon bring them home.  6 November 2004

'My Gordon died for oil'
"My big brother died at the age of 18, and what for? A war over oil and money. I think that you should withdraw all of our soldiers from Iraq. After all, it's not our war, it's America's." 28 August 2004

Muslim who refused to fight in Iraq loses appeal
A reservist airman who refused to take part in the Iraq war because he did not want to fight against fellow Muslims lost his appeal.  8 October 2004
Panic as 17 year old British soldier refuses to fight in Iraq
Generals fear army revolt
Britain's top brass are so worried about the growing feeling among soldiers and their families against the war in Iraq 
11 September 2004 
Troops accused on Iraq killings
One family was offered about $1,000 (530) for the death of Waleed Fayayi Muzban 
21 February 2004
Widow renews attack after meeting Hoon
Mrs Roberts, whose husband Steven was shot dead after being ordered to hand back his flak jacket, also bitterly attacked the Government for failing to provide adequate protection for troops.  
20 January 2004
Mr Blair, I hold you personally responsible for my son's death
My son would be here now if war hadn't been declared.  14 July 2003  
Three British soldiers sent home after protesting at civilian deaths
Three British soldiers in Iraq have been ordered home after objecting to the conduct of the war. It is understood they have been sent home for protesting that the war is killing innocent civilians.  
31 March 2003
Breaking ranks
What happens when UK soldiers refuse to fight? They get Locked up, harassed and lied to. Armed services' help-group At Ease opened their confidential case files for the first time. 
26 May 2003
Putting soldiers' lives at risk
Up to 55 per cent of all soldiers have had to buy their own kit because supplies are inadequate  
20 January 2003

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