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Stephen Funk
Guernica by Pablo Picasso, 1937

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15 November in North Carolina:  Protest for Stephen Funk's freedom
On September 6th, Stephen was sentenced to six months, becoming the first known war resister to be incarcerated in this current period of US intervention in Iraq.  On October 5th, the New York Post reported there are at least 50 more reservists facing charges for refusing to report to duty. Stephen is a political prisoner.
   15 November  2003
Letters to Stephen Funk 
You speak loudly to remind the whole world that you should not be forced to pull the trigger, that the woman, the child, the man in front of you is no longer a dummy, that he is not your enemy and that he lives just like you.   Fall 2003
"There is an international movement of Stephen Funks out there"
You know, the other side thinks they are making an example of Stephen.  But they are too late. There is an international movement out there of Stephen Funks.  THEIR example, and that international movement, are the surest guarantee that we can win.
  20 October 2003
Stephen Funk transferred to Camp Lejeune
Yesterday, Wednesday, September 10 the Marine Corps flew Stephen Funk under guard to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina where he will serve his sentence in the military prison for unauthorized absence during the Iraq War. The military prison in North Carolina is the same brig where dozens of Marine conscientious objectors were detained and harassed during the 1991 Persian Gulf War.  
11 September 2003
Reservist found guilty of leaving unit
A jury of four Marines on Saturday found Lance Cpl. Stephen Funk, 21, guilty of unauthorized absence but innocent of a more serious charge, desertion with intent to shirk important duty.  
7 September 2003

Judge upholds court-martial for Stephen
judge declined on Thursday to throw out the Marines' case against a conscientious objector who claims he is being court-martialed because he publicly criticized the war in Iraq. Navy judge John A. Maksym also denied Lance Cpl. Stephen Funk's lawyer access to Marine files on who else may have been absent without leave, or AWOL, and how they were punished.
    14 August  2003

In the press:
"A pretrial hearing is scheduled today 11 August, and Funk's attorney, Stephen Collier, intends to ask the judge to dismiss the charge of "shirking important duty" on the ground that Funk was selectively targeted."   11 Aug 2003
Support conscientious objector Stephen Funk
awaiting military trial on September 4, 2003 for "desertion"
  26 June 2003
New support for Stephen Funk
>> I am myself both a pacifist and gay, and agree with Stephen that no-one has the right to join an indiscriminate killing machine.
>> Congratulations on opposing war. I am British and have been on trial myself, along with thirteen others, as a civilian for opposing war.
>> Good luck to you Stephen.My daughter stood up against the Burmese government and was imprisoned there for 3 months....her sentence was 7 years, but they relented when we went there and pleaded for her. I'm glad your mother is behind you, too. 
16 July 2003 

Unterstützt den Kriegsdienstverweigerer Stephen Funk
Prozess vor dem Militärgericht am 4. September 2003 wegen "Fahnenflucht"
  26 Juni 2003

Appoggiamo l'obiettore di coscienza Stephen Funk
in attesa di comparire davanti al tribunale militare il 4 settembre 2003 per "diserzione"
    26 giugno 2003
Apoyemos al Objetor de Conciencia Stephen Funk
que deberá comparecer frente a un tribunal militar por “deserción” el 4 de septiembre 2003. 
26 June 2003
Appuyez l’objecteur de conscience Stephen Funk
en procčs pour « désertion » devant un tribunal militaire le 4 septembre 2003. 26 juin 2003
Letter from Stephen Funk to celebrate international war resisters
15 May 2003 -
I am proud to be a part of the war resisters movement and have been in touch with refusniks from Israel, Greece, Palestine, and others worldwide   15 May 2003
Marine who said no to killing
The first American conscientious deserter from the Iraq war will give himself up at a marine base in California this morning. He said he believed the war was "immoral because of the deception involved by our leaders".   
5 April 2003

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