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16 April 2008 » Babis Akrivopoulos on trial » Diego Rico  illegally recruited » Halil Savda arrested

»  Babis Akrivopoulos on trial for "insubordination".  As a pacifist and a conscientious objector I do not acknowledge any crime of “insubordination” neither during “peace”, nor “war”, nor at any other time for that matter.

» Colombian conscientious objector Diego Rico illegally recruited on 23 February 2008, began a hunger strike in protest.

» Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda was arrested again  during a solidarity demonstration for imprisoned conscientious objector Ismail Saygi.

25 February 2008  » Okinawa's Message » US soldier arrested » Rapist rapes again

» A Message from the Women of Okinawa: You think that because the US military shed blood to seize Okinawa in World War II, the place belongs to you and you can do anything you want here, don't you.

» Japanese protest after US soldier arrested for alleged rape Staff called Sergeant Tyrone Hadnott was arrested on Monday on suspicion of raping a 14-year-old local girl on Sunday night.

»  In 1995, a 12 year old Okinawan school girl, much like your daughter or neighbor was abducted and gang raped.

See left: Protesters shout slogans during a rally titled "We don't need dangerous neighbors" Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008 in Chatan, an Okinawan town where a U.S. Marine was allegedly raped a 14-year-old Japanese girl last week.

19 February 2008  » UK mothers  » Canadian Church  » Students "die"

» UK mothers ask Lords to order Iraq inquiry Tony Blair's government exposed soldiers to the risk of death by failing to take sufficient steps to ensure that its proposed invasion of Iraq was lawful, Britain's highest court was told yesterday.

» Canadian Church: People of faith in Canada call on the Canadian government to allow conscientious objectors, and their immediate family members, who have refused or left military service to be able to apply for permanent residency from within Canada.

» Students dying to demilitarize McGill: Seventeen student activists dropped dead in McConnell Engineering yesterday morning to protest campus military recruitment.

“Recruiters lie, students die.”

9 February 2008  » Israel: the Winograd Report was - Now What?  » Gaza convoy


» The Winograd Commission Member: Next time I will pointedly ask, " Why did we go to this war?" YESH GVUL!
Rebecca Vilkomerson; participated in the Gaza convoy against the siege:
At the end of the rally they announced that the negotiating team had succeeded in persuading the border cops to let the supplies through, i think they said they will go on monday. a neighboring kibbutz offered their storage space until then, which again shows that not everyone living with the qassams is vengeful.

21 January 2007  » Israeli refusenik in solitary   » Veterans guilty of murder

»  Ben Kogan, a pacifist conscientious objector, was sentenced to 21 days for refusing to serve in the Israeli army, now in solitary in military prison for refusing to wear uniform & refusing to refer to the prison commanders by their ranks.

» The New York Times found 121 cases in which veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan committed a killing in this country, or were charged with one, after their return from war. In many of those cases, combat trauma and the stress of deployment — along with alcohol abuse, family discord and other attendant problems — appear to have set the stage for a tragedy that was part destruction, part self-destruction. See also the Independent.

Ben Kogan

14 December 2007   »   Refusal of military base     »  Victory for refuseniks refugees

Protest against military base - Vicenza

»  ITALY -  Autonomous refusal of expansion of a military base
International protest in the streets of the town with representatives from the US, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium... Message of support from Global Women's Strike and Payday, who also picketed the Italian embassy in London in solidarity.  More info in Italian at and in English at
» CANADA - Victory for US refuseniks refugees
The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration passed a motion saying that non-Canadians in Canada who refuse to participate in wars not sanctioned by the UN, and who do not have a criminal record, should be allowed to remain legally in Canada
  US - The Aguayo family needs your help. Take the time to write to them.

5 December 2007 » Victory in Turkey! » 3 Conscientious Objectors acquitted under Article 318

Conscientious objectors Serpil Köksal, Murat Dünsen and Ibrahim Kizartici are charged under Article 318 (in Turkish) of the Turkish Penal Code, and acquitted in Ankara (see press release in Turkish).

Article 318 of the Turkish Penal Code:
(1) Persons who give incentives or make suggestions or spread propaganda which will have the effect of discouraging people from performing military service shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of six months to two years.
(2) If the act is committed through the medium of the press and media, the penalty shall be increased by half.

26 November 2007 » When AWOL Is the Only Escape » Israeli women soldiers speak out

Israeli women soldiers

James Circello

»  Resolution on Conscientious Objection: Adopted by the Council of Members, 9-10 November 2007, Brussels (Belgium)
 James says he's ready to start the rest of his life, much of which is likely to be shaped by his time in Iraq and his experiences as an AWOL soldier opposing the war.
»  Six Israeli women soldiers, after years of trying to bury the past have spoken out in a film, "To See If I'm Smiling", that explores the darker side of Israel's 40-year-old occupation of the Palestinian territories.

5 November 2007  » No to Article 318  » Low level of recruits  » Black Soldiers Cleared
»  No to Article 318 - refuseniks in Turkey organise against legislation that threatens to imprison those who refuse to kill.

»  US Army Record low level of recruits - The Army began its recruiting year Oct. 1 with fewer signed up for basic training than in any year since it became an all-volunteer service in 1973.

 Black Soldiers Cleared in WWII Lynching - for more than a half-century, the convictions of 28 African-American soldiers for a riot that ended in the lynching of an Italian prisoner of war during World War II has held an uneasy place in history.

Samuel Snow

17 October 2007   » Ossi's case in Europe » His Petition sent to Ministers

» Osman Murat Ulke's case before Council of Europe against Turkey for its persistent persecution of conscientious objectors -- see PRESS RELEASE
» See news report in Today's Zaman
See decision of the Council of Ministers urging "the Turkish authorities to take all necessary measures to put an end to the violation of the applicant's rights." Italiano
» See over 1300 signatures on the petition for Ossi, including refuseniks, anti-war activists, trade unionists, lawyers, academics and an MEP.

31 August 2007  » MEP & MP support Ossi  » To Latino & Latina  students » US Women vets

» Ossi: German MP Sevim Dağdelen and Dutch MEP Tobias Pflüger wrote to the Turkish Ministry of Defence and the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe. "...Osman Murat Ülke, who has been living a more or less clandestine life since March 1999, now is at high risk of being arrested again."

» On the DREAM Act: An Open Letter to Latino and Latina students "...military option of the DREAM Act be replaced by a community service option." Fernando Suarez del Solar.

» US Women war vets may need more aid
- "We are the first country that I know of that sends women who are mothers overseas."

» Vets for Peace St-Louis Convention - 400 members of Veterans for Peace (VFP) and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) in St. Louis, Missouri met August 15-19 for the 22nd annual national VFP convention. Read report on the Courage to Resist website. (Photo on the right)

Top: Iraq War resisters Camilo Mejia, Agustin Aguayo, Stephen Funk, Eugene Cherry, and Suzanne Swift. Bottom: Vets march to Arch

23 August 2007  » Ossi petition  » Omni Evron   »  Puerto Rico: no to war

Omni Evron, Israeli refusenik

»  ACTION ALERT: Conscientious objector OSMAN MURAT ÜLKE in danger of re-imprisonment. Sign the petition-on-line now: Deutsche, English, Español, Greek, Italiano, Turkish
»  Resolution in support of Ossi presented to the Veterans for Peace 2007 Convention, Saint-Louis, USA - August 15 - 19.

»  Anti-recruiting in Puerto Rico very successful.

»  "I refuse to serve the arms industries, mega-corporations, greedy contractors, preachers of racism and cynical leaders whose business is the advancement of suffering." Omni Evron, Israeli refusenik

19 July 2007  » Iraq vets bear witness  »  Watada 2nd court-martial   » Update: Colombian COs

» The other war: Iraq veterans bear witness: fifty US combat veterans of the Iraq War speak out.
» Turkmenistan COs need support
Two Jehovah's Witness conscientious objectors, Bayram Ashirgeldiev and Nuryagdy Gairov  were detained in Turkmenistan, and been charged with "evasion of call-up to military service"
» Watada second court-martial is now set for 9 Oct. Watada became a lightning rod for the peace movement in June 2006 when he refused to deploy for a year to Iraq.
» Update on Colombian COs Hincapie and Marin

Sgt. Camilo Mejia

12 July 2007 » Osman Murat Ülke at danger of re-imprisonment  »  Ehren Watada facing re-trial 

Rev. Yearwood
Rev.Lennox Yearwood Jr

Osman Murat Ulke

» Osman Murat Ülke at danger of re-imprisonment
» Army can try Watada again for refusing to go to Iraq Trying Lt. Ehren Watada again  won't violate his constitutional right not to be prosecuted twice for the same crime, an Army judge ruled Friday.
"Fighting terrorism with professionals under spotlight" Summary concerning compulsory military service in Turkey.
» An open letter to America "Now is the time for us to stand up and stand together" Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr
» German CO Alexander Hense in military arrest

28 June 2007    » Peter Gichura appeals   »  Support Colombian CO

» Peter Gichura, disabled asylum-seeker appeals in discrimination case The DED is meant to ensure that all public authorities pay “due regard” to the promotion of equality for disabled people in every area of their work
» Number of Black people joining military down "There's other ways you can pay for college. There's other ways you can get your life together. Joining the Army, the military, comes at a very high price."
» Colombian CO Frank Yair Estrada Marin needs support

21 June 2007  » Support German & Colombian COs  » Students organizing  »  Liam Madden

On Monday, 28 May 2007, CO Hadas Amit has finally received an official exemption from military service on grounds of "unsuitability". After five prison terms, she is now no longer in danger of imprisonment. Many thanks for all your support!
New Profile

» Support total objector Jonas Grote (Germany) & threatened CO Carlos Andrés Giraldo Hincapié (Colombia)
Students organize against military recruitment Over 1,000 Boston Public School Students Say No to Military Recruiters, Money for Schools, Not for War.
» Kevin Benderman writes "I was trained and trained well to sacrifice myself to war and I was also training others to make the same sacrifice."
» Defend anti-war marine Liam Madden

14 June 2007    » Honourable discharge   »Sheehan sells protest site    » Former foes join forces

» Decision of the Council of Europe in the case of conscientious objector Osaman Murat Ulke.
» Photos of  5 June International Day of Action
» Honourable discharge for mother Amid a custody battle for her daughter, a soldier had been declared AWOL.
» With illness in common, former foes join forces  The veterans claim of the lingering after-effects of the deadly defoliant sprayed by the U.S. during the war.
» Sheehan to sell protest site
Cindy Sheehan will sell her war protest site near President Bush's ranch to radio talk show host Bree Walker, who will preserve it as a peace memorial and keep it open to protesters.

Spc. Lisa Hayes

31 May 2007  » Cindy will return  » Watada: double jeopardy  »  Int'l Day of Action

Cindy Sheehan

Sgt Kokesh in Washington Sgt Kokesh in Washington

» Cindy Sheehan will return after stepping back as antiwar leader "I think it’s time to re-evaluate, pull back, you know, see what other direction we can come at this from."
» Former marine Adam Kokesh rejects plea bargain -
fights to protect free speech rights of Vets

Watada's court-martial halted by double-jeopardy argument The retrial of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the first Army officer to face a court-martial for refusing to deploy to Iraq, was put on hold Friday by an Army appeals court.
 INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION in support of Osman Murat Ülke and other refuseniks who are repeatedly punished for the "crime" of refusing to kill.

24 May 2007    » Peter Gichura wins in court   » Moms wear combat boots   » Israeli COs raise a voice against violence

»  Peter Gichura wins in court: "A victory in his case would help establish rights and protections for all disabled people." Claire Glasman
Moms wear combat boots too "For all mothers who feel helpless because they think they can't do anything to stop the war - if you knew the truth you would try." Eli PaintedCrow
» Israeli COs raise a voice against violence: The Torah shows us how, in a sea of evil, an individual can stand up against evil, oppose an order, disobey it, and not shrug off the responsibility by saying, ’I’m only following orders from my government,’

Peter Gichura and his supporters

26 April 2007  » Train goes AWOL  » Lynch attacks Pentagon  »   Halil: sentenced again

Marc Train

Jessica Lynch

» Another soldier AWOL rather than deploying to Iraq "Just because we volunteered, doesn't mean we volunteered to throw our lives away for nothing."  Marc Train

Heroine attacks Pentagon over lies about her capture Jessica Lynch, the US army private who became the heroic American face of the Iraq war, lambasted the Bush Administration yesterday for lying about the incident.

» Army is cracking down on deserters  Army prosecutions of desertion and other unauthorized absences have risen sharply in the last four years

»  Halil Savda was sentenced again!
See International petition sent to Turkish authorities

» Payday Video Cafe:  Regeneration Friday 27 April in London

19 April 2007    » Army vet on strike   » Iraqi battalion refuses US orders   » Video Cafe

»  Army vet enters second week of hunger strike Henri Petithomme, 32, entered the second week of a hunger strike to protest the detention of 101 Haitian migrants landed in South Florida.

»  Iraqi battalion refuses American orders to 'Fight Iraqis' A battalion of the new Iraqi army refused to go to Fallujah earlier this week to support U.S. Marines battling for control of the city
» Payday Video Cafe Friday 20 April in London

Payday Video Cafe, Friday 20 April: stunning video clips of Ehren Watada, Carolyn Ho, Gloria Pacis & Helga Aguayo
04 April 2007  » Online petition  » Six COs hide in Chile   »  Judge discharged CO Zabala 

» Halil Savda on trial again 12 April
SEE first signatories here

Six conscientious objectors in hiding in Chile Those who have a conscientious objection to serving in the military have no legal way to do so. Therefore, all six decided to go into hiding, to avoid their forced recruitment into the Armed Forces.

Judge orders discharge of an anti-war Marine A federal judge has ordered the Marines to discharge a San Jose lance corporal as a "conscientious objector" who had an aversion to killing and participating in war.

29 March 2007    » CO Platform supports Halil      » Watada defends refusal  » Video Cafe

»  HALIL SAVDA court hearing on 29 March was adjourned on 12 April. Please send letter to the Turkish authorities  See Letter of protest.
»  Statement in support of Halil Savda 
We will attend to the trial on 29th march at Corlu Military Court to show that the Halil Savda is not alone" CO Platform (Turkey).  
» Watada defends refusal before anti-war crowd
"They may imprison or torture or take away our lives, but they can never take away our freedom to choose what is right and just," Watada
» 30 March COMING HOME Payday Video Cafe in London.

Lt. Ehren Watada

15 March 2007  » Meet Yuval Lotem  » Halil: letter to MEPs   » Agustin Aguayo's trial 

Fernando Suarez del Solar

» Thur 15 March  in London: Meet Yuval Lotem from Yesh Gvul.

» Letter to the MEPs for Halil Savda

Eyewitness account with Agustin Aguayo's trial. I couldn't avoid crying and neither could he. We embraced, and I thought "Why could my son not be here to witness this victory?" - Fernando Suarez del Solar

Experts say 25% of US veterans mentally ill US. High rates of mental health disorders are being diagnosed among US military personnel soon after being released from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to investigators in San Francisco.

14 March 2007    »  Halil on trial  again     »  Sir No Sir! on 23 March

»  Conscientious objector Halil Savda faces another trial for the same charges. Protest actions in Greece and Turkey. Payday in the UK is pressing MEPs to intervene.

»   Sir No Sir! an outstanding documentary about the Vietnam War refuseniks movement presented at Payday Video Cafe in London on Friday 23 March 7.30pm. At Crossroads Women's Centre, 230 Kentish Town Rd NW5 2AB (entry on Caversham). Nearest tube: Kentish Town. All Welcome.

Protest in Athens - Free Halil Savda! 13 March 2007

8 March 2007  » Aguayo: 8 months sentence   » Payday video cafe   » Refusing to Rape   

London picket for Agustin Aguayo, 6 March

» US medic Agustin Aguayo guilty of desertion  A US Army medic who refused to return to Iraq because of his opposition to the war has been found guilty of desertion by a court martial in Germany. Aguayo sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, he should be released in April. As he was facing seven years in jail, this is a clear victory for Agustin, his family and the anti-war movement.

» TURKEY: Conscientious objector Halil Savda awaiting trial on 15 March 2007

Payday Video Cafe

» New Payday statement -- Refusing to Rape

1 March 2007    »  Support  for Aguayo    »  Watada's victory    » Russian mothers

Agustin Aguayo
» Support Action in London
» Support Action in Philly
» Mexico promised to help  The Mexican government agreed to assist a Mexican-born U.S. Army medic who refused to return to Iraq.

» Victory in Lt. Ehren Watada court-martial Update: The Army, after their defeat at the first court martial, has now announced they are re-filing charges against Lt. Watada .  He is again facing up to 6 years in prison.  The second trial is scheduled for July 16, with pre-trial motions May 20-21.

» Russian army sold recruits for sex, rights group claims Russia's scandal-prone military was gripped by allegations yesterday that cash-strapped senior officers had forced young conscripts to work as male prostitutes.

US Army Agustin Aguayo

8 February 2007  » Court-Martial ends in mistrial    » Audio report     » Making an example 

1st Lt. Ehren Watada drops off his mother in DuPont, Pierce County, for a news conference.

» Watada Court-Martial ends in mistrial. The court-martial of First Lt. Ehren Watada has ended in a mistrial, a military court judge ruled Wednesday.
» Audio report of Lt. Watada's Court-Martial.  Listen to Margaret Prescot, Women of Color in the Global Women's Strike, and Eric Gjertsen, Payday men's network. Click here
Making an example of Ehren Watada. The man on trial is setting a profound example of conscience - helping to undermine the war that the Pentagon's top officials are so eager to protect.

7 February 2007    »  Watada's trial     » Halil Savda beaten

»  See reports, articles and photos of Lt Watada's trial and of support actions around the world.

»  Conscientious objector Halil Savda beaten in jail writes his lawyer.

London protest in support of Watada

1 February 2007  » London days of action  » Demonstrate for Israeli refusenik Hadas Amit

» Lt Watada - Days of Action in London: This is a war not of self-defense but for profit and imperialistic domination… If soldiers stood up and threw their weapons down, no president could ever initiate a war of choice again.” Ehren Watada.

» Demonstrate in support of Hadas Amit: Israeli woman CO facing yet another prison sentence.

25 January 2007    »  Carolyn Ho's international call     » Halil Savda sent to barracks

» HALIL SAVDA: The military authorities were not able to force a psychological examination on conscientious objector Halil Savda, so Halil stopped his hunger strike. We learned today that at a court hearing (postponed from 15 January), Halil was sent back to the barracks. We do not know whether he will be resent to jail.

New appeal for International Day of Action
You can help to build international support for Lt. Watada by contacting people in your personal, professional, and religious networks

» Lt Watada interviewed on Democracy Now
It will not be a fair trial or a show of justice, in any sense. They will simply say, “Was he ordered to go? Yes. Did he go? No. Well, he’s guilty.” 

The Joint News Conference by
Asian Communities supporting Lt Watada

18 January  07  » Antiwar plea    » Judge refuses legality of war   » Solidarity statement

Active Duty G.I's Kent Gneiting, Liam Madden, Jabbar Mc Gruder with U.S Rep Dennis Kucinich who read the historic
"Appeal for Redress"

» Military members make an antiwar plea on Capitol Hill "We will not be silent while thousands die," said Sgt. Liam Madden.

Judge refuses to consider legality of Iraq war
On January 16th, a Fort Lewis military court ruled that Lt. Ehren Watada cannot present defense arguments relating to the legality of the Iraq War.

» Jonathan Hutto solidarity statement with Lt Watada for Dec 2 The Appeal for Redress stands in solidarity with all those who resist the current occupation of Iraq, the mass murder of the Iraqi people, the harm and destruction done to American service members and their families and the ill use of American tax dollars which is diverted from much needed social programs on the home-front.

16 January 2007           »  Organise for Watada's trial               

Organise international support for US refusenik facing court martial on 5 Feb 2007
» 5 February Day of Action
   » News of the pre-trial hearing
   » Model letter by Payday
   » Article in Washington Post
   » Article in
LA Times 

Woman Israeli CO jailed again

Carolyn Ho with Ehren Watada

11 January  07  » Halil Savda:next trial    » Iraq vets  » rogue military database

» Halil Savda: next trial The military court decided that the detention shall continue and set the next trial session as 15 January 2007

Iraq Vets camp outside Ft Lewis to support Watada
I am honored to know his family, they are a wonderful display of family values...something we don't see a lot of." Iraq Vet Dennis Kyne

» To settle NYCLU lawsuit, Defense Department reforms student military recruiting database "I got involved in this lawsuit because I just wanted the military to leave me and other students alone," Reichbach said.


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