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Halil Savda
Guernica by Pablo Picasso, 1937

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I’m walking from Roboski to Ankara for peace! September 5, 2012

European Court: Victory for Halil Savda 12 June 2012

Halil Savda on CO Day 14 May 2012

Halil : Released from jail! "I went all the way to jail and back" 30 April 2012

Halil writes from prison 23 March 2012

Eda Ederner on Halil's Prison Conditions 21 March 2012

Halil photo projected on the Galata tower in Istanbul  28 February 2012

BDS Turkey (Boycott Israel) defends Halil Savda  5 March 2012

Conscientious Objector Savda Arrested again   24 February 2012    SIGN WRI and Amnesty petitions

Halil Savda sentenced to 5 months 3 March 2011

CO Halil Savda & three others convicted under Art 318. 21 June 2010

Conscientious objector Halil Savda says that the authorities are trying to keep public opinion in the dark about the existence of people rejecting militarism, and obstruct any public discussion of the issue. The European Union should be doing more about the issue. 16 April 2009

To join the “crime” of Halil Savda… If you want to join in this act of civil disobedience, give your name, surname, address, title/job, and whose crime you join, sign the window below.  After 24 hours maximum your name appears in this list.  We won't publish your address/telephone number. 7 October 2008

Halil Savda Is Sentenced Again For Speaking Against Military Service Halil Savda, a conscientious objector, who is in jail for supporting other conscientious objectors, is also sentenced to five months for supporting the Israeli conscientious objectors. 3 June 2008
Everyone can do something for peace! Everyone can perform and organize non-violent actions in his/her city and country to make the inhuman conditions under which Savda is kept public. 24 April 2008
Halil arrested again 28 March 2008
Halil Savda was sentenced again! for disobeying orders 12 April 2007
Halil on trial on 12 April 2007 - Petition sent to the Turkish authority.
See the text of the petition and first signatories  
5 April 2007
Press release by the Conscientious Objection Platform
The police, who were supposed to prevent the aggressors, joined them by using pepper gas against our friends and by beating them and causing some of the people from our group to get injured. 28 March 2007
Model Letter to the Turkish authorities
We are outraged to hear that on 29 March he will be on trial again for his refusal, and risks being sentenced to more time in jail.  This cycle of arrest, detention, trial, “release”, new arrest, is against any notion of natural justice and must stop.  
27 March 2007

Halil Savda beaten in jail
A sergeant major who was the disciplinary officer, two guardians and an officer pushed Halil to the wall face-on, kicked his legs apart and began hitting him. Having kept kicking Halil on the floor where he fell while yelling “you are a traitor, you are a terrorist,” the authorities tried to silence Halil from crying out by shoving a dirty gag in his mouth. 2 February 2007

Conscientious objector Halil Savda mistreated and on hunger strike
"I refuse the psychological examination. I refuse my military duty by my conscience. I am not disabled nor sick. I dont want to be invalided out. I refuse the military duty as being a conscientious objector and for these reason i dont want to be examined by doctor"  17 January 2007
Halil Savda: report on trial hearing of 22 December 2006
17 supporters and press representatives from Istanbul and Corlu were present at the hearing. His lawyer Suna Coskun emphasized that Savda is no soldier, but a conscientious objector  22 December 2007
Message to the demonstration supporting refusenik Halil Savda by Payday
In fact, visible refuseniks are just the tip of an immense anti-militaristic iceberg. Thousands of US, UK and other troops have deserted from Iraq and Afghanistan. Up to 500,000 have dodged conscription in Turkey 21 December 2006
Action Alert:
Conscientious Objector Halil Savda in Turkish military court 22 December  
20 December 2007
Ankara Anarchy Initiative Statement
Halil is in the prison now, because he rejected an activity which crushes with his will and his conscience. They don't want him to be free, because he doesn't accepts to use violence, to kill people, to take a part within uniformity structure and more than that, because he knows that if not only himself but other people also reject this structure and other structures, another world is possible 
18 December 2006

Press release by Conscientious Objection Platform
Halil Savda was arrested two years ago on 26.11.2004 at the Çorlu Military Prosecutor's Office where he declared he would not “serve in the military as it contradicted his conscience and beliefs.” He was released from custody after the trial on 30.12.2004.   Halil was arrested again on December 7 by the Çorlu Military Court
15 December 2006

Development concerning Halil Savda
Conscientious Objector Halil Savda is put into solitary confinement! 
13 December 06

Conscientious objector Halil Savda arrested at his trial
information and photos by conscientious objectors in Turkey
10 December 2006


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