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Mental health: 2500 UK vets jailed in 2016 18 March 2017

Vets: stop brutalisation of children 9 July 2016

Ben Griffin from Vets for Peace UK speaks at release of Chilcott enquiry  7 July 2016

Father of UK soldier who died in Iraq speaks and Corbyn's speech  7 July 2016

Instead of bombing Syria 4 Dec 2015

If I was Prime Minister:  Joe Glenton 11 February 2015

Interview with Ben Griffin 4 November 2014

Phil Shiner lawyer against British war crimes 18 May 2014

National Service Bill stopped 15 May 2014

Abuse by UK forces in Iraq goes to International Court 12 January 2014

Ben Griffin (Veterans For Peace UK) speaks out against fighting for Queen & Country
25 November 2013

UK army investigated for Iraq deaths 31 January 2013

Launch of Veterans for Peace UK 9 April 2012

Ben Griffin revealed secret torture in Iraq  7 February 2012 

Ben Griffin: Poppy Appeal is a political tool to support current wars 7 November 2010

Poppies and 'Heroes' 'There is nothing heroic about being blown up in a vehicle...being shot in an ambush....or fighting in an unnecessary conflict'. 5 November 2010

US UK War Crimes: More leukemia in Iraq than after Hiroshima ... as a result of the US-UK use of depleted uranium, white phosphorus and nerve gas in its weaponry. Parliamentary Motion in Scotland
22 September 2010

Another British soldier speaks out against the war The British army uses up and spits out young working class men in pursuit of their bloody, illegal wars, says ex-soldier Ross Williams, jailed for being absent without leave from the Iraq war. 6 July 2010

Iraq war veteran: Haunted, in prison, now homeless John Dale's life unravelled two years ago, when 20 years of military service brought nightmares and flashbacks 5 July 2010

More than 17,000 episodes of troops going Awol since 2003. Official figures from the MoD show that there were more than 2,000 cases of soldiers going absent without leave (awol) last year, with 17,470 incidents recorded since the Iraq invasion in 2003  20 February 2010

Revealed: the hidden army in UK prisons More veterans in justice system than soldiers serving in Afghanistan - study reveals 24 September 2009

MoD loses battlefield rights case. The judgement the MoD appealed against said "right to life" meant it had a legal duty to supply proper equipment. The rulings centred on a case brought by the family of Pte Jason Smith, who died of heatstroke while serving with the Territorial Army in Iraq in 2003. 18 May 2009
Thousands join Army to escape recession. The Army is nearing full strength for the first time in a generation as the recession is prompting thousands of young people to sign up. Recruitment rose by 14 per cent in the six months to March 31 compared with a year earlier. It is expected to reach full strength in 2011 after years in which it struggled to win recruits. 9 May 2009
MoD doctor: we've no idea how many troops suffer from trauma.  One of the country's most senior military psychiatrists admitted yesterday that the Government has "no idea" how big a problem it faces in the number of traumatised troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. 17 March 2009
DEEPCUT opens to critical acclaim. "[The Tricycle's] matchless record in exposing injustice continues with a drama that stirs our indignation" writes Michael Billington in The Guardian. 13 March 2009
Soldiers rally to VC hero's defence. Fellow soldiers decorated for their service in the Iraq war have thrown their weight behind calls by Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC for more help for troops suffering from mental trauma. Their intervention came as it was revealed yesterday that young veterans of conflicts are three times more likely than civilians to kill themselves. 2 March 2009
Army training instructors suspended after bullying exposé Five Army training instructors accused in an undercover BBC documentary of bullying recruits have been suspended while military authorities carry out investigations. The men, all ranked corporal, are alleged to have verbally and physically abused young soldiers at the Army's biggest training base at Catterick, North Yorkshire. 19 September 2008

NAPO reveals massive number of ex-service personnel behind bars
PROBATION union NAPO warned on Sunday that up to 8,500 former armed services personnel are serving sentences in British prisons. The union said that its figures show that about one in every 11 prisoners used to be in the armed forces and complained of a lack of support for such people when they leave the services.
31 August 2008

How Britain wages war, The military has created a wall of silence around its frequent resort to barbaric practices, including torture, and goes out of its way to avoid legal scrutiny. John Pilger. 12 July 2008
Nearly half of service personnel consider quitting  because of plummeting morale, poor equipment and low pay, a Ministry of Defence survey of more than 24,000 military personnel has found.  10 July 2008
Discrimination against military to become crime The Government is to bring in new laws making it a criminal offence to discriminate against people in military uniform and impose extra penalties on those convicted of assault or harassment of service personnel. 20 May 2008
The military: your kids are next The study, which has the full backing of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, also recommends a national Armed Forces Day and legislation to make discrimination against uniformed personal a criminal offence. 19 May 2008
Forced to fight in fear: the plight of girl soldiers
More than 100,000 girls – some as young as nine – are being forced to fight in wars all over the world. 13 May 2008
Teachers to ban armed forces from classrooms Army recruitment campaigns will be stopped. TEACHERS vowed yesterday to stop military recruitment campaigns in schools that promote pro-war “propaganda”. March 26,2008

Iraq: teachers told to rewrite history Ministry of Defence accused of sending propaganda to schools 14 March 2008

Mothers ask Lords to order Iraq inquiry
Tony Blair's government exposed soldiers to the risk of death by failing to take sufficient steps to ensure that its proposed invasion of Iraq was lawful, Britain's highest court was told yesterday. 12 February 2008
'You can teach a man to kill but not to see dying'  Ex-soldier speaks frankly 10 October 2007
Army plays down drop of 30% in recruits signing up
We don't pay our private soldiers enough and then there is the long shadow cast by Iraq and Afghanistan.  1 October 2007

The hidden scars of war: one in 10 British combat veterans suffers from mental illness  Longer tours of duty and fewer resources to help traumatised soldiers are creating a time bomb, says head of mental health charity. As many as one in 10 soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan – a much higher proportion than previously expected – will develop a mental health problem due to the stress and horror of combat, according to the head of one of Britain's leading forces' health organisations.

30 September 2007

Soldiers' families win Iraq war review
Rose Gentle, whose 19-year-old son Gordon was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra in June 2004, also welcomed the ruling. "He was in Iraq to fight for his country, but I now know he should never have been sent there. He died for nothing," Mrs Gentle said.  26 July 2006
Soldier who quit over Iraq turns author to reveal army discontent
He claims that three quarters of his fellow soldiers from one of the Army's toughest infantry regiments were opposed to the war. 17 June 2006
Soldiers to get £1,300 'bounty' for recruiting friends
Soldiers are being paid a "bounty" of £1,300 to persuade friends to join the. Army because officers believe the conflict in Iraq is making parents turn their children away from the forces.  
08 June 2006
Sex harassment in armed forces is rife, say women
Almost every woman serving in the Royal Navy, Army and RAF has experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or sexist behaviour.  26 May 2006
SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq
Mr Griffin eventually told SAS commanders at Hereford that he could not take part in a war which he regarded as "illegal".
12 March 2006
Dear Mr Blair, why are you afraid to meet us?
As two more British soldiers die in Iraq, The Independent publishes an open letter from bereaved relatives to the Prime Minister,
01 March 2006
RAF officer faces court martial over Iraq war
An RAF officer faces a court martial for refusing to serve in Iraq on the grounds that the invasion of the country was illegal, defence officials said yesterday. 17 October 2005
Big rise in deserters 'fuelled by Iraq war'
The number of soldiers to desert the army or go absent without leave has more than doubled over the past year, the Ministry of Defence has revealed. 
13 April 2005
Army blames Iraq for drop in recruits
The anti-war movement is exacerbating our recruitment problems.   19 December 2004
Soldiers' families stage Downing Street protest
Among the relatives is Rose Gentle, whose 19-year-old son. Gordon, a Royal Highland Fusilier, was killed by a roadside bomb near Basra in June. She was hoping to meet Mr Blair in person to press home the demand for troops to be withdrawn.       10 November 2004
Messages reveal families' grief - and anger 
If MPs had sons out there fighting they would soon bring them home.  6 November 2004

'My Gordon died for oil'
"My big brother died at the age of 18, and what for? A war over oil and money. I think that you should withdraw all of our soldiers from Iraq. After all, it's not our war, it's America's." 28 August 2004

Muslim who refused to fight in Iraq loses appeal
A reservist airman who refused to take part in the Iraq war because he did not want to fight against fellow Muslims lost his appeal.  8 October 2004
Panic as 17 year old British soldier refuses to fight in Iraq
Generals fear army revolt
Britain's top brass are so worried about the growing feeling among soldiers and their families against the war in Iraq 
11 September 2004 
Troops accused on Iraq killings
One family was offered about $1,000 (£530) for the death of Waleed Fayayi Muzban 
21 February 2004
Widow renews attack after meeting Hoon
Mrs Roberts, whose husband Steven was shot dead after being ordered to hand back his flak jacket, also bitterly attacked the Government for failing to provide adequate protection for troops.  
20 January 2004
Mr Blair, I hold you personally responsible for my son's death
My son would be here now if war hadn't been declared.  14 July 2003  
Three British soldiers sent home after protesting at civilian deaths
Three British soldiers in Iraq have been ordered home after objecting to the conduct of the war. It is understood they have been sent home for protesting that the war is killing innocent civilians.  
31 March 2003
Breaking ranks
What happens when UK soldiers refuse to fight? They get Locked up, harassed and lied to. Armed services' help-group At Ease opened their confidential case files for the first time. 
26 May 2003
Putting soldiers' lives at risk
Up to 55 per cent of all soldiers have had to buy their own kit because supplies are inadequate  
20 January 2003

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