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US Tech Workers refuse to oppress 6 Dec 2018
Former Border Officer: Refusing to separate children 19 June 2018
Tech workers won against : Pentagon 6 June 2018
Google: staff refuses drone contract 16 May 2018
Nanas against fracking: Open letter to the police 30 Mar  2018
German pilots refuse to deport asylum seekers 7 Dec 2017
Monthly picket at Family court 1 Nov 2017
Lawrence Bond: coroner inquiry 16 June 2017
Citizens arrest Charge Trump for bombing Syria 9 April 2017
Men support International Women's Strike! 8 March 2017
Vets return to Standing Rock 11 Feb 2017
Women's march against  Trump 21 Jan 2017
Standing Rock: why I respond to Veterans' call 31 Dec 2016

Vets deploy & Victory at Standing Rock 4 Dec 2016

Arms trade activists not guilty! 15 April 2016
Momentum Movement: Meeting on Anti-Racism 24 Feb 2016

Payday's response to the Inquiry into prostitution 18 Feb 2016

Mohammed Ahmed speaks about justice for his sister  6 Feb 2016

Psychologists refuse  torture 9 August 2015

Refusing to kill with drugs
My experience is a telling tale that refusing to kill is not only a call to people directly involved in the genocidal military war machine.
12 March 2005

Opt-out:meeting in Philadelphia    23 May 2005
A community dialogue to launch a grassroots campaign to let students and parents know our right to "Opt Out" & to demand that money for war and prisons go instead to caregivers, youth and communities!

Civil Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Cente  In Eugene, 70 people organise direct action to close down recruitment offices. 24 April 2005
Seeking options to military recruiting Orlando Terrazas has launched a campaign to get equal exposure for non military options for high school students 16 April 2005
Santa Cruz students kicked Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters   
300 UC Santa Cruz students kicked Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters out of the annual Career Center Job Fair  5 April 2005

COUNTER-RECRUITMENT: NYU Students Block CIA Recruiters  
A planned CIA recruiting event at New York University (NYU) was cancelled after a protest demanding the CIA abandon its recruiting program at NYU 3 April 2005      

Men call on men to support the 6th Global Women's Strike
Payday has not only supported women’s Strike actions, but has also organised with women and men refusing the military and its lethal and repressive work, from the US and the UK to Israel and Eritrea.  The ‘poverty draft’ – those driven to join the US army by economic necessity, mainly people of colour and immigrants – enables the US to make ‘endless war’.  Thus those refusing the military are a vital part of the movement to end not only war but poverty.
Feb 2005
An Open Letter to Pro-War Americans
After all, do we really have an obligation to support the troops no matter what they do as they prosecute this slaughter against a minor league opponent? Would you indeed support the troops if their mission involved nuclear incineration of Iraqi cities and villages? One, two, many My Lai massacres?

21 March  2003
Men's voices join women's in calling for peace
Men have a tremendous stake in whether we fight another war. Fathers do. Sons do. Brothers, uncles, nephews, husbands--we all do. While the armed forces have begrudgingly accepted women into their formerly old boys' club, the vast majority of the soldiers bombing and battling in Baghdad will be male, most just barely past boyhood.  Yet it is mainly our mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, wives, partners and daughters who have been demonstrating for peace.
Men join women to demand "Invest in caring not killing" for the 3rd Global Women's Strike
My father went in the army at 15. He came out of abject poverty, had to steal his food from market stalls and shops. He came out of the army to marry my mother, but the 1st World War started, he was called up. Professional soldiers were in demand. There were most casualties in the first six months of the war, it was vicious, and he was one of them. In France he was blown up and was hospitalised for the rest of the war. He was discharged with a disability pension. Mother said he was a different person when he came home, his whole personality had changed. He couldn’t ever stop shaking.    
14 February 2002
Refusing military service - speech at Shannon airport
I come from Italy, it's my home but there are many things that are wrong with my country. And one is that every man, at the age of 18, or later if he goes to university, has to waste 1 year being trained in the army. He has to spend one year being trained to kill and slaughter other human beings. Every single man is paid by the State for a whole year to be trained as a soldier, as a killer. Now that's a big waste of time, money and resources.   
8 March 2003
Refuseniks of the world speech at the 4th  Global Women's Strike
hen bus drivers allowed school girls to travel for free to the anti-war protest at Westminster last Wednesday or when police officers refuse to arrests peace activists or when teachers encourage, rather than discourage their students to oppose the war, they all contribute to the many refusals that we need to win against the warmongers.    8 March 2003

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