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Sign the petition to support a single mother facing court martial for inability to find childcare "I appeal to you to find a compassionate resolution to a difficult situation. Please drop the charges against Spc. Hutchinson." 21 January 2010
Montclair parents say no to military
Cherry's mother was furious when she found out the district was releasing her child's information without her express consent  
19 January 2005
Rancor in the U.S. Ranks
It's the mothers who are warning their kids about going to war 17 January 2005
Aussage von Gina Izett fűr die unabhăngige Untersuchung der Golfkriegskrankheiten
Doch ich glaube das ich die Kraft haben werde und wenn ich denke ich schaffe es nicht denke ich stets daran: Er war nicht immer so und er ist tief im Herzen auch nicht so sondern so gemacht worden.
13 Oktober 2004

Statement from Gina Izett to the Independent Inquiry into Gulf War Illnesses (London)
I believe that I will have the strength and when I think that I won't cope, I always think that he was not always this way and he still is not deep down in his heart but he has been made to change like this.  
13 October 2004
I am an army wife
I wish the Bush administration would take responsibility for the damage it is causing to American families.   Undated
Dissent on the home front: families of US soldiers in Iraq lead anti-war protests
Poor conditions and low morale among troops have produced an undercurrent of dissent among US military families
. We received more than 70 emails and phone calls from relatives, all but two were negative - about the treatment of soldiers, the reasons for the Iraq war, the pain of family separation and the insensitivity of the military bureaucracy. 
  25 October 2003
Military Wife Rebuked for E-Mail
A campaign to raise awareness of the need for the [3rd Infantry Division] to return. 
  26 July 2003
Our children will die
This is not some abstract war that they are talking about. Our sons and daughters will die, as will so many others. 
April 2003
 A Colonel Runs
The army wives, normally a bulwark of stoicism, staged a near-mutiny. A colonel at Fort Stewart, who had been sent to soothe a meeting of 800 of them, had to be escorted out of the hall under a torrent of jeers and angry questions.   
5 July  2003
Bring Them Home Now!
So we are going to give troops, their families, and critical veterans a voice. That's the reason-for-being of "Bring Them Home Now!"
    26 July 2003
They spend billions of dollars in war and can’t spend a dollar on a child
40% of the US Army is Black and 60% of the US Marines are Latino.  One in 12 young Black men are in prison.  Should these be the only choices?
16 April  2003
Bring Them Home Now!
We parents -- many of us -- know that our enemies are not in Iraq. Our enemies are in office, and they have
the blood of children –some  of them ours --on their hands. Everyone is someone's child, even when they are grown. Even when they take paths we don't approve of.
Even when they become soldiers, and are sent to pay for lies with their bodies and hearts and the blood of others.   26 July 2003
In Iraq, U.S. Troops Are Still Dying -- One Almost Every Day
The family of Army Spc. Rasheed Sahib, 22, of Brooklyn is particularly suspicious of the military's explanation of his death. According to the Pentagon, Sahib and another soldier were cleaning their weapons when the other soldier's weapon accidentally fired on May 18 in Balad, Iraq. The round hit Sahib in the chest. 
 26 May  2003
Parents of soldiers in the Gulf want a delay
Nancy Lessin, one of founders of Military Families Speak Out has a stepson, Joe, in the marines.  She is a union activist from Jamaica Plain near Boston, Massachusetts who was previously active in opposing the Vietnam War. “If Iraq's main export was olive oil, we wouldn't be facing the possibility of war.  This war isn't worth the life of one American soldier.” 
17 January 2003
US soldier mother speaks out for peace
Dear Mr. Bush, This is my son Tim. You have been referring to him as "military force." […] I want you to be continually mindful of the fact that your "military force" has a mother and two sisters that want you to value his life as we do.  Not only do you have the future of our nation to decide, you have my son's future in your hands.  
April 2003
5000 mothers and fathers in Bolivia demand their sons to be discharged
Bolivia is again in the midst of grassroots insurrection, with road blockades and other actions to press the demands of a broad array of sectors.  But this article (in Spanish) reports on a march by more than 5000 parents in La Paz demanding that the government immediate discharge their sons from the military, and not put their lives at risk in the road blockades and confrontations.


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