Supporting letters for Stephen Funk

From: <Tony Papard>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: Letter supporting Stephen
Date: 16 July 2003 18:03

Friends, as you will see from my bluntly worded letter attached I feel very strongly about this matter. I fully support Stephen, and regret he was persuaded to join this 'killing machine' when he was feeling depressed and his judgment clouded.

I am myself both a pacifist and gay, although paradoxically, the uniform and the 'authority' invested in it, not to mention the ultra-macho image of units like the USMC, do hold an undoubted attraction for many gay men on a fantasy level (myself included).

However, this is beside the point. I agree with Stephen that no-one has the right to join an indiscriminate killing machine, so like him I do not advocate gays joining the military, or anyone else for that matter.

You may be interested in some relevant articles on my personal website:

I have sent a donation to Stephen's Defense Fund via my Visa Debit Card.

I wish Stephen the very best - he has millions of supporters thruout the world.



July 16th, 2003.

Commandant of the Marine Corps Headquarters
U.S. Marine Corps 
Washington, DC 20380-1775, USA

Cc: Commanding Officer 
Headquarters, 4th FSSG
4400 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, LA 70146-5400, USA

Dear USMC:

I am writing on behalf of USMC reservist Stephen Funk who is a conscientious objector, and who refused to serve in USA/UKís illegal war on Iraq.

As is now becoming blindingly obvious, this totally illegal war in defiance of the United Nations, international law and world opinion, was fought on entirely false premises. There were no Weapons of Mass Destruction, and USA was fully aware of this before the war started. You have spy satellites and U2 spy planes which photographed every inch of Iraq. If Colin Powell could produce photos of supposed WMD being loaded on to trucks, etc. why didnít he produce photos tracking where they were moved to? He didnít fool me for one minute, nor the UN Weapons Inspectors who asked time and time again for information as to where the WMD might be stored. 

US/UK and their allies are now illegally occupying Iraq, and before the war it was the duty of all serving military personnel to do what Stephen Funk did and refuse to obey the illegal orders to invade. The principle of disobeying illegal orders was laid down at the Nuremburg trials after World War II.

I demand that Stephen Funk be released immediately and discharged from the USMC. In my view he deserves a medal for bravery, and it is a shame more US and British soldiers didnít follow his example.

There are unsavory dictators/torturers in power all over the world, many of them supported by the US/UK governments, as indeed Saddam Hussein was for many years. It is not up to USA or UK to decide who to depose or take unilateral actions of this nature, this is a recipe for total anarchy. 

There is an International Criminal Court, which the US refuses to recognize, to take decisions about war criminals to be apprehended, and there should be an international security force under the command of the United Nations General Assembly to take any action that is necessary to apprehend/depose dictators/war criminals and protect innocent civilians rather than bombing them as USA and UK did. Release Stephen Funk immediately,

Yours sincerely,

Tony J. Papard


From: "Chris Roper" 
To: <>
Subject: Re: Conscientious objector Stephen Funk on trial 11 August
Date: 16 July 2003

Dear Stephen Funk,

Congratulations on opposing war.I am British and have been on trial myself, along with thirteen others, as a civilian for opposing war. We were found not guilty, but it was a lot of aggravation.

We had to be very clear and definite about what our line was. Usually, people in the army wishing to leave have stated EITHER

1/ I love my country but I oppose ALL war and will not fight


2/ I love my country and consider that fighting to defend it is sometimes necessary but THIS war is illegal and immoral.

OR ( in the old anti-gay days )

3/ I am gay

but not more than one of these.

I wish you all the best ,
whatever happens, people in US and Britain and all over the world will be proud of you for your brave stand.

Chris Roper


From: "Charmian Goldwyn" 
To: "Payday" <>
Subject: Re: Conscientious objector Stephen Funk on trial 11 August
Date: 17 July 2003 

Good luck to you Stephen.
My daughter stood up against the Burmese government and was imprisoned there for 3 months....her sentence was 7 years, but they relented when we went there and pleaded for her. I'm glad your mother is behind you, too. I was against the war in Iraq, although Saddam Hussein was a terrible tyrant. We cannot just invade other countries but there must be some form of International Justice, some courts who have power to prevent dictators like Hussein, Than Schwe (Burma) and Mugabe from holding despotic sway over their people.

Very good luck, my thoughts are with you,
Charmian Goldwyn ( retired Family Doctor )

refusing to kill