Demand Freedom for Stephen Funk 1st War Resister to be jailed
November 15th 2003 - Camp Lejeune Military Base, North Carolina 

Stephen is a member of the US Marine Corps Reserve who refused to deploy with his unit because of his opposition to the war.  When his unit was activated, Stephen did not report.  Instead, he engaged in anti-war work, speaking out at rallies and marches. On April 1, he turned himself in.  In his eloquent speech, given minutes before he turned himself over to military officials, Stephen also had the courage to come out as a gay man in the Marines.

At first, the Marine Corps said they were going to process his application for a Conscientious Objector Discharge quickly.  When the media coverage waned, they threw out his discharge application and put him on trial for desertion.  On September 6th, Stephen was sentenced to six months, becoming the first known war resister to be incarcerated in this current period of US intervention in Iraq.

On October 5th, the New York Post reported there are at least 50 more reservists facing charges for refusing to report to duty. Stephen is a political prisoner. The US government jailed Stephen to make him an example to the potentially thousands of soldiers who want to resist this war.  What the Bush administration wasn't counting on is that, Stephen, a gay man of color, would garner such a groundswell of support.

Very soon, Stephen's attorney will be filing a suit asking for clemency.   We call on all progressive forces to support this call for freedom for Stephen Funk.  Every Saturday and Sunday between 12pm-3pm, Stephen is allowed visitors at Camp Lejeune. Saturday, November 15th, we want to converge with others from the region, to show our support and solidarity with this heroic anti-war activist.

Endorsing Organizations: (*for identification purposes only) Intl. ANSWER, The International Action Center, Freedom Trainers, Suzanne Kelly; Secretary Treasurer, Local 334,OPEIU-AFLCIO, Richmond, VA, New Jersey Solidarity,  Network in Solidarity with The Peoples of the Philippines, Gloria Pacis; Mother of Stephen Funk, Queers for Peace and Justice, Support Network for an Armed Forces Union (SNAFU)

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WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP STEPHEN FUNK Organize: Get cars and vans from your area to caravan to North Carolina on November 15th.  Launch letter writing, petitioning and media on his behalf.

Endorse:  Add your school, group, union or name to the growing list of endorsers who demand freedom for Stephen.

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Write to Stephen: Corp Base Brig Attn: Stephen Eagle Funk Bldg 1041 PSC 20140 Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0140

Send donations to: Stephen Funk Legal Defense Fund 1230 Market Street #111 San Francisco, CA 94102 To endorse: For more info: Intl ANSWER  212 633-6646 SNAFU  212 802-4459