Press statement

Militarism is at work again.
Ankara Anarchy Initiative, 18 December 2006

To the press and the public opinion,

Militarism is at work again. The Board Member of the Istanbul Branch of Human Rights Association and the Conscientious Objector Halil Savda was arrested at çorlu, where he had gone to attend his trial. The justification for the arrest is the suspicion that he would escape.

Actually, this is nothing but a cover that hides facts: Halil is in the prison now, because he rejected an activity which crushes with his will and his conscience. They don't want him to be free, because he doesn't accepts to use violence, to kill people, to take a part within uniformity structure and more than that, because he knows that if not only himself but other people also reject this structure and other structures, another world is possible.

Yes, it is true that conscientious objection is not an individualistic "escape or pull through". Conscientious objection is a social issue. Conscientious objectors work for raising the awareness that forcing people to join an institution which primarily aims to exercise violence systematically and oppressively is unfair; and such an institution has no place in a desirable and livable world. As Osman Murat ülke emphasizes, conscientious objection is meaningful within social change and thus, it is a collective struggle.

In fact, this political stance and stress of Consciousness Objection is what the militarist state is afraid of.

And that is why Halil Savda was arrested. The evidence of this fact is the justification for his arrest which is the suspicion that he would escape; although he wasn't obliged to and he was aware of the possibility of the apprehension. Moreover, this justification is also the evidence that militarist state is unable to deal with opponent reactions and started to show and absurd behavior.

However, even its absurdity implies direct threat to human life. To be put in prison and to be forced to live as a fugitive, that is, "civil death", is the most concrete example of it.

Although it has been guaranteed by several agreements which has been signed by The Republic of Turkey also, those unfair treatments of The Republic of Turkey indicates the malfunction of the legal system.

Halil Savda was arrested on December 16, 2004 and subsequently released on December 28, 2004. Then, 5th Army Corps Command çorlu Military Court sentenced him to 3 months and 15 days of imprisonment on the charge of "insistent disobedience" in accordance with Article 87 of Military Criminal Code. On August 13, 2006 the 3rd Military Appeals Board annulled the local court's verdict and ruled in favor of re-trial. Halil Savda was arrested when he had gone the first trial of this court.

Because, he refused to accept the already given "quiet death" punishment.

Because, that is the most beneficial political strategy for state to live conscientious objection down and to move it away public discussions.

And that is what Halil Savda don't want to let it happen.

We, who are aware of the fact that to live conscientious objection down is a defense of militarist state structure, support Halil Savda's conscious and right struggle.

We declare that we stand by repressed people and we call everyone to keep their word of their altruism for the whole humanity.

Ankara Anarchy Initiative