Halil Savda: report on trial hearing of 22 December 2006

Halil Savda, CO, who went to participate in his trial at the Corlu Military Court on 7 December 2006, was detained on the ground that he might flee! The court session of 22 December 2006 took place.

17 supporters and press representatives from Istanbul and Corlu were present at the hearing. Halil Savda conveyed his defense on both accusations (insistence on disobedience and desertion). His lawyer Suna Coskun emphasized that Savda is no soldier, but a conscientious objector and that he can’t be tried or restricted in his liberty, based on international conventions and the recent judgment by the ECHR concerning conscientious objector Osman Murat Ülke. She furthermore pointed out that his detention was based on the suspicion that he might flee; an assumption he invalidated by showing up at the court by himself. Thus the situation consequently requires his immediate release.

However the military court decided that the detention shall continue and set the next trial session as 15 January 2007.

To reach Halil:


5. Kolordu Komutanligi,

Askeri Cezaevi

Corlu – Tekirdag