Refusing to Kill is Not a Crime


Guernica by Pablo Picasso, 1937

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Support drone whistleblower Daniel Hale 23 Nov 

Defend Drones whistleblower Daniel Hale Dec 2020

Compassion in Care:  Defend Whistleblowers defenders under attack 4 Nov 2020

Sign Petition: Defend whistleblowers  June 2018

Famous US anti-FBI whistleblower John Raines died 13 Nov  2017

Compassion in care report: CCTV and whistleblowing 27 Oct 2017
Compassion in care & The Whistler: Protest care home abuse 18 August 2017
Book censored? Ex Guantanamo worker speaks 3 August 2017
Whistleblowing on US chemicals industries: Poison papers  28 July 2017
Defend whistleblower Reality Winner  8 June 2017
For CIA Wikileaks is hostile service 14April 2017
Protest at Care Quality Commission: Defend whistleblowers! 22 March 2017     REPORT
Assange 4 years in the Ecuador Embassy 19 June 2016: Vigil
Stop retaliation of whistleblowers in Bosnia 30 April 2016

500 prominent people sign Open letter  for Assange 1 March 2016      

Compassion in care criticizes The Care Quality Commission  Feb 2016
Miranda: Court recognises human rights violation 19 Jan 2016
Anders Kompass: UN whistleblower exonerated 18 Jan 2016
Arundhati Roy meets Snowden 28 Nov 2015
HSBC whistleblower  jailed 5 years 27 Nov 2015
Drones whistleblowers calls on Obama 19 Nov 2015
Whistleblowers: for a caring society, workshop at Anarchist bookfair 24 October 2015
CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling's wife's appeal  6 July 2015
Stand Up For Truth - International Week for Whistleblowing 1-7 June 2015
Support I am Edna pop up protest  27 May 2015
Trident whistleblower arrested 19 May 2015
Whistleblowers protest London 4 April 4 April 2015
Protect whistleblowers event 11 March 2015

Blowing the whistle in the NHS meeting 12 February 2015

Internet activist Aaron Swartz led to suicide by US administration 7 February 2015
Whistleblower MoD doctor opposes dismissal 30 January 2015
African- American Jeffrey Sterling 2CIA whistleblower 27 January 2015
Barrett Brown sentenced to 5 years 22 January 2015 
Nurse speaks against torture in US 31 December 2014
Whistleblower who revealed CIA torture is jailed 10 December 2014
Film showing The Whistleblower 27 November 2014

Asylum in Switzerland for Snowden? 18 September 2014

Whistleblowers still ignored - Public meeting 27 June 2014

Largest anti-secrecy campaign in history 2 June 2014
Whistleblower denounced Yarl's Wood detention centre 24 May 2013
David Miranda allowed to appeal 15 May 2014
Apple & Facebook defy authorities  1 May 2014
Mathematician refuses surveillance work 23 April 2014

"Putin must be called to account on Obama" Ed Snowden calls out Putin
18 April 2014

Launch of The Whistler in London 20 March 2014

"Britain treats journalists as terrorists"   SARAH HARRISON 14 March 2014

US government drops key charges against Barrett Brown  5 March 2014
The Whistler: A new alliance of whistleblowers is formed 19 February 2014
Early Day Motion - Stop persecuting journalists 31 January 2014
Please sign these petitions requesting asylum in Brazil for whistleblower Edward Snowden. Jan 2014
Drone whistleblower Heather Linebaugh 29 December 2013
Snowden's letter to People of Brazil 16 December 2013
"Vets are silenced" - Joe Glenton 27 November 2013
Political hacker Jeremy Hammond sentenced 15 November 2013
Whistleblowers: The truth sets you free 11 June 2013
U.S. writer Nicholson Baker on His New Protest Songs October 8, 2012
U.S. soldier (Bradley Manning) pleads case after Sixth Amendment violation October 7, 2012
Nobel Peace Prize or Nobel War Prize: Will Assange and Manning Restore the Integrity of the Nobel Peace Prize?  October 3, 2012
Sevim Dağdelen, member of the German Bundestag, visited Julian Assange in London 2 September 2012
Black Britain Must Stand Firmly With Julian Assange: Nelson Abbey on why we should back the Wikileaks founder 26 August 2012


Israeli ex-soldier Anat Kamm faces prison over leaks 30 October 2011
What Wikileaks revealed 1 September 2011



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