Jonathan Hutto solidarity statement with Lt Watada for Dec 2


The Appeal for Redress stands in solidarity with all those who resist the current occupation of Iraq, the mass murder of the Iraqi people, the harm and destruction done to American service members and their families and the ill use of American tax dollars which is diverted from much needed social programs on the home-front.


While the Appeal for Redress is a "legal" means by which service members can express their reservations and grievances on the war, we empathize and fully understand the causes and underlying reasons which drives some members to take a bold and courageous act.  Lt Watada is one of those persons.


We hope that Lt. Watada is successful in his defense of his actions.  We further hope that his actions inspire other service members to look deeply into the cause of this conflict and to follow their moral conscience.  We offer the Appeal For Redress to all service-members as a way of channeling their collective dissent and voices to their political leadership in Washington. 


We further hope that this movement that is growing, both internal and external to the military, will be the spark and catalyst which sets in motion mass action, mobilization and organization which will lead to an peaceful exit from Iraq and a renewed focus towards peace and justice in our world.


In solidarity with Lt Watada and all resisters to Imperialist War and injustice.


Petty Officer J. Hutto, Sr.

United States Navy

Appeal For Redress




Active Duty G.I's Kent Gneiting, Liam Madden, Jabbar Mc Gruder with U.S Rep Dennis Kucinich who read the historic "Appeal for Redress"