Iraq Vets camp outside Ft Lewis to support Watada
by Dennis Kyne, 08 January 2007

Camp RESISTANCE! Off Ramp 119, Dupont, WA. We awoke to our fourth morning the gates of Fort Lewis

Please support this troops are gathering to support Ehren Watada in his stand against the lies that have gained our nation nothing more than death and despise.
Purple Heart, 'Winner' Darrell Anderson returned from 18 months in hiding when he heard that Lt. Watada had refused to deploy. Darrell Anderson would have deployed to his third tour had he not gone north. Anderson asked me to get on the ( with him and get to Fort Lewis to open up Camp RESISTANCE!

We are here, in the mud. It is not warm here...nor dry.....however, you should stand with support of a man who stands up against the military machine and a nation of millions who don't have the foggiest notion that our troops do not want to serve in this war. Lt. Watada is speaking for thousands of enlisted soldiers like Darrell Anderson and myself, a fifteen year veteran of the Army. Watada is a true leader.....leading and doing....he knows he should never ask enlisted soldiers to do things he would never do....that is part of the requirement. NEVER ask nor order your troops to do things that you wouldn't do. There are more violators of this rule in the military now, than ever (or at least in my 15 years.) Lt. Watada is not one of them...and with that, the soldiers, who have always followed good leaders....will follow Lt. Watada.. Mike, Damon, Ethan and I, slept on the rig last was night one of Camp RESISTANCE!

There is a RESISTANCE! going on. Thousands of troops are refusing to deploy....please let everyone know we are here.....working from the wi fi hot spot, let them know they should stand here too. If not for a month as we will, than for a day or even an hour.

We are at off ramp 119, gates of Fort Lewis. We are meeting up at the gates of Fort lewis to support the Lt. Why? We have had enough...we want the war to stop....we want the government to stop using the troops as pawns in their game. If you know of a veteran who is opposed to this war, please help them get here....if you are ok with the weather, please get here also.

I, personally, will always think it an honor and a privilege to have served the United States people...I know Ehren does too. It is with that same pride and honor that I, personally, ask you to do something for this man....who has, without question stood, with more integrity in his little pinky, than most of these Generals have in their entire skin. I am honored to know his family, they are a wonderful display of family values...something we don't see a lot of.

To support him.... ( you will find the news to follow the days up to the trial live from Camp RESISTANCE!