997th DH meeting - 6 June 2007
Section 4.2

The Deputies, having examined the latest information submitted by the Turkish authorities concerning the implementation of the European Court's judgment in the present case,

1. noted that a draft law has been prepared by the competent Turkish authorities aiming to prevent new violations of Article 3 similar to that
found in the present case, and that this draft would be transmitted to the Prime Minister's Office for submission to Parliament;

2. noted in particular the Turkish authorities' declaration that this law, once adopted, will prevent repetitive prosecutions and convictions of those who refuse to perform military service for conscientious or religious reasons, on grounds of "persistent disobedience" of military orders;

3. noted the authorities' information that this draft law is intended to remedy all negative consequences of the violation for the applicant;

4. invited the Turkish authorities to submit a copy of the draft law to the Committee of Ministers and encouraged them to take the necessary steps to ensure its rapid adoption by the Parliament;

4. decided to resume the consideration of this item at their 1007th meeting (15-17 October 2007) in the light of the information to be provided on the adoption of the draft law.

- 1 case against Turkey
39437/98 Ülke, judgment of 24/01/2006, final on 24/04/2006