International Days of Action

Support US refusenik Lt Ehren Watada

4 & 5 February 2007

Participating countries so far: England, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Uruguay, USA

Lt Watada & his mother  
Carolyn Ho

This is a war not of self-defense but for profit and imperialistic domination… If soldiers stood up and threw their weapons down, no president could ever initiate a war of choice again.” Ehren Watada.

“As the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq, Lt. Watada speaks for all men and women in uniform who oppose this illegal and immoral war.  He is being made an example of to suppress dissent among other officers and the rank and file.Carolyn Ho

No soldiers, No wars

Refusing is an act of conscience and courage. Lt Watada risks four years in jail when he goes to court martial on 5 February for refusing to go to Iraq and for inviting other soldiers to refuse too. He asks the anti-war movement to support refusers by supporting their families: “For soldiers to stop fighting, they must have the unconditional support of the people. ...Convince them that no matter how long they sit in prison… their families will have a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, opportunities and education.”

See/read Ehren’s amazing speech at


Lt Watada speaks for refusers everywhere. Some are killed for refusing. Many are jailed, like Halil Savda in solitary confinement in Turkey and hundreds of Israeli conscripts. Many seek asylum in other countries. Behind this army of refuseniks is an immense support network of families and friends, led mostly by women. 

Invest in Caring Not Killing

Over 650,000 Iraqi people, mainly civilians, and over 3,000 US, British and other soldiers have lost their lives in this occupation. The US alone spends $8.4 billion a month in this war, while each day women, children and men are getting poorer in a world increasingly devastated by global warming and West-inspired wars. We need this money to care for people and the environment. Refuseniks like Lt Watada are a crucial part of our movement. Wherever we are, whatever else we believe, supporting him contributes to the struggle for survival and against war.

Sunday 4 February 2 - 4 pm

Outside Tate Britain Gallery, Millbank
Anti-war Community Picket and Open Mic

in support of the principled and courageous stand of

Ehren Watada and Brian Haw.

Brian Haw protesting since June 2001

Before the war started, the Global Women´s Strike joined Brian Haw in Parliament Sq for a weekly picket. Every Wednesday for three years, women, men and occasionally children used our sound system to protest – Iraqi women, Brian and a number of veterans and refusers were regulars. Last year, a new law banned demonstrations without police permission for 1 km round Parliament Sq, and police removed most of Brian´s anti-war display. A replica by Mark Wallinger is now displayed at the Tate, and we will picket outside.  


Monday 5 February 12 – 2 pm

Parliament Square – opposite the “White House annex”

Ever since MPs voted for war in Iraq, it has been clear that the White House is where decisions are made and that Parliament is little more than its annex. As part of the ongoing protest of Brian Haw and of the People’s Strike for Peace, we demand that Lt Watada be freed from all charges at his court martial on 5 February. If you cannot be with us that day, please send messages of protest to the US military authorities. See

Organised by the Global Women’s Strike and Payday men’s network

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