Refusing to Kill: an afternoon of refusing the military
Saturday 6 March 2004, 3 - 5 pm

Robin's Bookstore, 108 S. 13th St. 
Philadelphia USA

Part of a week of Global Women's Strike activities leading up to March 8, International Women's Day. This event coordinated by Payday and the Global Women's Strike.

Stephen Funk, a gay Marine of Filipino & Native American descent just out of jail for refusing to go to Iraq.
The Rev. Dorothy Mackey, Exec Director of STAAAMP (Survivors Taking Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel), former US Air Force Captain and Commander, multiple rape and military abuse survivor
A video of Israeli refusenik Asaf Shtull-Trauring
Representatives from the Refuser Solidarity Network
Linda Dann from Military Families Speak Out
Speakout by women who have loved ones in Iraq or lost family members in 9/11 & others.

Donations Welcome $3-$10 - no one turned away.

Sponsors: AFSC Nat'l Youth & Militarism Program, Brandywine Peace Community, Every Mother is a Working Mother, Phila Lesbian & Gay Task Force, Wages DueLesbians

Payday, Philadelphia: 215-848-1120 or

Global Women's Strike website:

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Refusing to Kill  - An evening with refuseniks from around the world
Friday 12 March 2004, 7pm
Godwin & Crowndale Community Hall, Crowndale Road, London NW1, UK

Come and hear how women and men have been taking back our lives from the military. An event of the 5th Global Women's Strike (GWS), organized by Payday, an international and multiracial network of men who work with the GWS.


Video of Stephen Funk - American marine of Filipino-Native American descent, a gay man who in 2003 refused to fight in the Second Gulf War and spent five months in a military prison.
Eritrean woman  - She will speak about her struggle to avoid the draft in Eritrea and to win political asylum in the UK.
James Fairweather - Veteran from the Second World War from Jamaica and the UK. He will speak on how, posted in Germany in 1945, he confronted racism in the Ally army and tried to deal humanly with "the enemy".
Tony Flint - Veteran from the First Gulf War campaigning for recognition of and compensation for, Gulf War Syndrome. His disabilities were contracted in 1991 while fighting in an environment contaminated by chemical and radioactive material.
Yishay Mor - He will speak about the five young men recently jailed for a year for refusing to serve in the army in Israel and about his own experience as an Israeli refusenik.
Video of Eilat Maoz - She is one of signatories of the letter the Shministim (high school students) wrote to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in August 2001, declaring that they would refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories.
Joey - Former UK soldier. Why she joined the army and why she refused to go to Iraq in 2003
Speaker from the Free Vanunu Campaign.
How the army works for the community in revolutionary Venezuela.

Payday London: 020 7209 4751

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