“Refusing to Kill is Not a Crime”


June 27 - A lively group of women, veterans, antiwar activists and others participated in a speak-out and handed out flyers about Lt. Watada at a busy tourist location near the Liberty Bell, in downtown Philadelphia. People were glad to hear about the case, and students from different parts of the country attending a youth convention stopped by to listen, lend support and pose for photos. 


The demonstration was organized by Payday - a network of men that works with the Global Women’s Strike (GWS), and runs the website.  Participating in the demonstration were representatives of the AFSC Youth & Militarism Program, Survivors Taking Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel (STAAAMP), Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, GWS and the Philadelphia Regional Anti-War Network (PRAWN). 


Michael Berg, the father of Nick Berg, a contract worker who was beheaded in Iraq several years ago, spoke movingly in support of Lt. Watada.  We also had statements of support for Suzanne Swift from her mother Sara Rich and from a woman who had also been raped and assaulted by superior officers, including while she was based at Ft. Lewis.  Nancy Carroll of Women of Color in the GWS gave a statement on the effects of Agent Orange on her son (who served in Vietnam) and granddaughter, and said that she's already seen how war can affect generations to come and so supports Lt. Watada and others who are refusing to go to Iraq. 

“Refusing to Kill is Not a Crime” action to support Lt. Watada organized by Payday & the Global Women's Strike in Philadelphia, PA.  


Eric Gjertsen

The action was reported on KYW radio, biggest news radio station in the area, during the evening rush-hour, a photo and caption about the action was printed in the Philadelphia Daily News.  A local ABC TV station also came.


Michael Berg, father of Nick Berg killed in Iraq, speaking, with Dean Kendall of Payday (left), Tonya Lee of Global Women's Strike, and Eric Gjertsen of Payday (right) at the Phila Lt. Watada speakout. Students talking to Vietnam vet Bill Perry at the Phila Lt. Watada speakout.  

Contact: Payday   215-848-1120
Global Women’s Strike  215-848-1120


Los Angeles

Women and men from the Global Women’s Strike, Payday and other anti-war groups leafleted tourists and others outside Graumann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood with information on Lt. Watada. Those who stopped to talk included a soldier on leave who had been wounded in Iraq.  They held a banner reading “Mothers Daughters Sisters Wives – Fighting for Our Loved Ones’ Lives”, and “Refuse Illegal War – Support Lt. Ehren Watada” signs. The action was announced on KPFK Pacifica radio.

Contact: Payday   215-848-1120
Global Women’s Strike  323-292-7405


Young soldier about to be redeployed

Leafleters supporting Lt Watada


Venice, Italy
Men from Payday and the Associazione E' solo l'inizio... [This is just the beginning...] leafleted US tourists in downtown Venice with information about Lt. Watada, in English and Italian.

Contact: Payday   +44 207 482 2496

Rome, Italy
Leaflets about Lt. Watada were distributed at a sit-in demonstration in front of a government building, which was demanding Italian troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Wednesday, June 28 - Men and women from the Payday network and the Global Women's Strike leafleted and announced Lt. Watada’s campaign to over 500 people as they came to a benefit for Fllight Lt. Malcolm Kendall-Smith -- jailed for eight months for refusing to kill.
Lt. Watada’s lawyer Eric Seitz spoke at this event.

Contact:Payday   +44 207 482 2496

After leafleting & speaking to over 500 people!

Payday has also sent out information about Lt Watada to our international network, including to refuseniks and support campaigns in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and the UK, inviting participation in June 27 and future days of action, and suggesting writing to and vigiling outside US embassies in his support.  So far, Payday has received copies of letters sent to US embassies in the UK, Italy, and Iraq.

Payday is translating materials about Lt. Watada’s campaign into Spanish and other languages, to circulate them further.