Vote Michael Berg for Congress.  A message from Carolyn Ho, Ehren Watada's mother

 My Fellow Americans,


My son, Lt. Ehren Watada, in his refusal to deploy to Iraq, took a courageous stand.  His decision was based on issues concerning the immorality and illegality of a pre-emptive war that obviously cannot be won.  With  655,000 Iraqi deaths and over 2,800 American deaths to date, one wonders how long this nation will “stay the course.”   Polls show that over 70% of the American people do not support this war. Throughout this country, there is a growing momentum that is poised to stop the blatant abuse of power.  I invite you to stand with Lt. Watada and other resisters in affirming the will of the American people through your vote on Nov. 7th.   Before going to the polls be certain about the position your candidates take.  Vote for leaders who will use your tax dollars to end the war and bring our troops home.  Vote for leaders who will stop the killing of innocent Iraqi men, women and children and make reparations to a country we have bombed back to the stone age.  Vote for leaders who will restore the rule of law and respect for the rights we have abandoned, all in the name of terrorism.


In every age, individuals like my son will heed the call of conscience and step forward.  I met such an individual at a joint fundraiser.  He is Michael Berg, Green Party candidate for Congress. Despite the tragic death of his son,  Nicholas, at the hands of his Iraqi captors, Michael has traversed the path of indescribable grief and transmuted his pain into forgiveness and the quest for peace.  He embodies the antithesis of all that the status quo espouses.  He stands for an alternative to war.  Give peace and diplomacy a chance.  Stand with him. Vote Michael Berg for Congress.

Carolyn Ho

November 6, 2006