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November 30, 2011


LAPD eviction
                                                    of OccupyLA

Los Angeles police officers move in, guns drawn.

Mike Prysner at
                                                    Occupy LA with other
                                                    veterans, Nov. 29,

Mike Prysner (right), just before his arrest, standing with other veterans in defense of Occupy LA,
 Nov. 29.

March Forward! co-founder Mike Prysner was among the hundreds arrested in the massive police assault against Occupy LA in the early hours this morning. Mike, Doug Kauffman from ANSWER LA, and the others are still in jail. Their bail is $5,000 each.

Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have played a major role in the Occupy movement.

The police are carrying out a coordinated nationwide assault against the Occupy movement. We believe that this movement will only grow.

Mike captured this spirit of resistance in the moments before his arrest: “Police are just ripping up the tents now but we are standing strong. The only times I've felt proud wearing my army uniform is when I've worn it fighting the 1%. This movement against the system isn't ending!”

The police assault against Occupy LA was conducted by more than 1,000 riot-clad police.

A massive police assault took place at nearly the same time as the LA raid in Philadelphia. About 50 people were arrested in Philadelphia. Police on horseback stormed into peaceful protesters, sending one person to the hospital. Others were injured when they were slammed to the ground and suffered other acts of brutality.

March Forward! veterans are part of the Occupy movement because they are outraged that the government that represents the 1%—the bankers, corporations and war contractors—can spend trillions of dollars to send us to fight illegal wars while doing nothing about massive unemployment, staggering levels of home foreclosures and evictions. We, who are veterans, suffer from the highest unemployment levels even as we cope with all of the physical and psychological wounds from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict. Like others from the 99%, a record number of us waited in food lines during the Thanksgiving holiday.

We will not rest until we turn this situation around!

From the March Forward! staff

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