UK refusenik Michael Lyons supports Bradley Manning

17 December 2011


My name is Michael Lyons and I am a member of Veterans for Peace.  I have recently been released from military prison here in the UK for my stand against the war.  It was a stand motivated by and affirmed in conviction by the documents and videos shared with the world by wikileaks and allegedly Bradley Manning. 


The documents detailed a massive amount of civilian casualties that up until then had not been known to the world, particularly for those who got their news from the mainstream media.  The videos showed us in graphic detail the realities of these civilian casualties.  Videos which I confess brought myself and my wife to tears.


I saw no malicious intent in the release of these files.  No revelations of secret military hideouts, tactics or undercover personnel.  The only thing released was the truth and yet Bradley Manning has been lauded as a threat with people on the right calling for his execution for “endangering peoples lives.”  Meanwhile the people who have taken the innocent lives detailed in the logs have faced little or no action whatsoever. 


Any person who would see these files and release them so that the people could see what is going on in their name and with their consent does not deserve persecution.  They should be commended. 


It is with this and solidarity in mind that I send all my support to Bradley Manning on his 24th birthday, who for the past 18 months has suffered torture, inhumane conditions and intimidation in the name of truth and transparency. Bradley Manning is a righteous human being and an example to us all.

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