Mordechai Vanunu arrested again - Time to protest

What happened last Thursday November 11th 2004
by Mordechai Vanunu

Dear friends. First the timing, Israel spies chose the day of Arafat's death, they were ready with this plan to arrest me since Oct' 19th. I saw the paper signed by the same Jewish religious judge from Oct' 19th. So they knew Arafat was going to die, and they decided to arrest me on that day.

The police started investigating in May when they arrested Peter Hounam. But instead of questioning me, they decided to build a huge case, gathering a lot of interviews in hope to have a real case for going to court and imprisoning me.

So they invaded the church St George cathedral with two motorcycles black clothes helmets, machine guns, 3 cars with more police with machine guns, special detectors ready to use force to grab me, they arrive to Jerusalem since 5:00 AM, ready for the invasion, until 9:00 AM when they receive the orders, they come with a warrant to search my room, all by the Jewish religious judge who didn't respect the holy place church, imagine what Israel would say if the same on jewish synagogue.

The bishop Reyah, come immediately furious of this invading his church demanding from them to put down the machine guns, and to respect the guest house the visitors. After a few times their chief told them to hide their guns, they search my room 10 people took all the computers and any electronic devices, mobile phone every CD, DVD, books papers. And then they want me to sign their papers, I refused because they did not wrote all what they took.

They took me with them in their car to Petah Tikva, in the police station they started questioned me about all my interviews since May until Oct'. They had all the information from internet, and also from arresting questioning some journalists. I in the begining refused to answer later I told him every thing was already published 18 years ago or go see Sunday Times article from 1986.

After 2 hours I demanded to meet my lawer Feldman then they say I am under arrest, Feldman came, we met,and they agree to go to court at 19:00. I stopped answering their questions, and just waiting to go to the court. In the court they demanded one week house arrest, to come to police for questions any time they call, again to speak about NWS in Israel, we disagree, but the judge impose these rules and set me free. I continue to speak with the media and returned back to St George. So my view they want to frighten me, and to let me see the church is not helping, cannot give me sanctuary. The police love to show they can put me back in prison. But it seems they cannot prove that I am revealing any new secrets, only that I am speaking to foreigners. The conclusion all is in the hand of shaback mosad they are deciding what will happen. So if they will not charge me then they should set me free next April. Anyway this event prove I cannot live free here, hope to see you in real freedom. VMJC

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Letter from the Bishop in Jerusalem on the arrest of Mordechai Vanunu from St George's Cathedral Close this morning The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem & The Middle East The Diocese of Jerusalem The Rt Revd Riah H Abu El-Assal

11 November 2004

To: a) The Most Revd Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury b) The Most Revd Frank Tracy Griswold Presiding Bishop of ECUSA c) The Most Revd Andrew Hutchinson Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada d) The Most Revd Peter Carnley Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia e) The Australian Board of Mission f) The Revd Canon John L. Peterson Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council g) The Revd Samuel Kobia General Secretary of the World Council of Churches h) Mr Jeries Saleh Middle East Council of Churches i) The Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

It is with tremendous grief and sadness that I inform you that the Israeli special police force entered St George's Cathedral Close today without permission and took Mordechai Vanunu into custody. Approximately thirty officers, many with guns, entered the cathedral gardens and interrupted breakfast in the Pilgrim Guest House. It was a traumatic event that terrorized many of our tourists, pilgrims, and staff. In the 100 years of the cathedral's history, such an event has never taken place.

Immediately I related how they have come into a sacred place, and that their guns were not welcome. The officers with guns withdrew to outside of the Cathedral Close; however, it came to my attention later, that at least one of the officers still carried a concealed weapon. This was after I had been reassured that all weapons had been removed from the church grounds. It is inconceivable why such force is mandated for procedures like today's.

Mordechai was calm during the search, questioning the need for the interrogation, and they searched his room in his and my presence. They took his papers, laptop, and other possessions into custody. I called his lawyer, and he will meet Mordechai in Petah Tiqva.

This type of entry into a sacred space must not be tolerated by the churches throughout the world, and it must not be accepted by those who respect the rights and dignity of every person. We ask the government of Israel to stop such actions as these, and we call for the respect of sacred places in the Land of the Holy One. It is with extreme sadness and disappointment that I must write this letter, and please continue to pray for us in these difficult times.

Peace of God to all of you,

The Rt Revd Riah Abu El-Assal Bishop in Jerusalem

cc: His Excellency, President Moshe Katsav, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

How You Can Help
Contact the following in Israel to demand that Mordechai Vanunu be freed immediately:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 3 Kaplan St. Hakirya, Jerusalem 91007
Fax: +972 2 566 4838 Email:

Tommy Lapid Minister of Justice 29 Salah al-Din St. Jerusalem 91010
Fax: +972 2 628 5438 Email:

Tzahi Hanegbi Minister of Internal Security P.O. Box 18182 Jerusalem 91181
Fax: +972 2 581 1832 Email:

Contact the Israeli Embassy in Washington to demand his release:

phone: 202-364-5500 email:  fax: 202-364-5607 Public & Interreligious Affairs v.(202) 364-5542  Political Department (202)364-5581/2  Press Office (202) 364-5538

Ambassador of Israel 3514 International Drive NW Washington DC  20008

or contact the Israeli ambassador in your country -


** We do not know when or where Mordechai Vanunu can receive mail. We will keep you posted as we find out.


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