Oppose Nobel Prize to warmongers
Benjamin Merhav, October 2005

Dear friends,
following is a protest letter to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science (via Eva Krutmeiger : evak@kva.se ). Please sign the petition and/or send your personal protest letter to Eva Krutmeiger as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Benjamin Merhav
Melbourne, Australia

To The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences:

We, the undersigned, protest your decision to award the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economic to Professors Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling. The Academy's reasoning that these persons have "enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis" is monstrous. In fact, the Academy has awarded the prize to two warmongers.

Schelling's theory encourages the coercive use of military force, used to induce desired behavior in an adversary, rather than simply to destroy the enemy's military capacity. His ideas were the direct inspiration for US strategy in Vietnam, of indiscriminantly bombing the North in order to persuade Ho Chi Minh to stop supporting the Vietcong in the South [see www.slate.com/id/2127862]. This strategy resulted in 2 million civilian deaths and was a complete failure in realizing its objectives.

Aumann uses his analysis to justify the Israeli Occupation and the oppression of the Palestinians. Neither of these individuals has contributed anything that improves the human condition; rather, they have contributed to the misery of millions.

Aumann characterizes the recent evacuation of Israeli settlers from Gaza Strip as "expulsion" and Ariel Sharon's policies as influenced by a dangerous rush to achieve peace. Aumann is a veteran member of the far-right think tank, Professors for a Strong Israel, the first principle of which is:

The Land of Israel is the Homeland of the Jewish People: Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights are integral parts of the Land of Israel. Every Jew has an inherent right to live in security and under Israeli sovereignty in any part of this Land. We are categorically opposed to yielding control of any part of the Land of Israel to any foreign entity.

This is a proven recipe for bloodshed. It is a principle in opposition to a just resolution of the horrific conflict that is destroying both Palestinian and Israeli societies. In supporting this, Aumann advocates violating international law and disregarding overwhelming international consensus. According to Aumann's game-theory, the longer Israel waits, the more concessions the Palestinians will be forced to make In other words, Israel should forestall any political negotiation that might lead to a just peace.

This criminal and dangerous school of thought should not be honoured. It should be condemned.

You should reverse your decision to reward Professors Schelling and Aumann. We request that you find people who have truly advanced the health and welfare of human, as has always been the intention of the Nobel prize.

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