URGENT ACTION: Aguilas Negras threaten Red Juvenil Medellín


Threats against Red Juvenil Medellín

Statement by Red Juvenil Medellín -- 6 June, 2008

We want to inform human rights organizations and government agencies of the threat made against our organization by paramilitaries calling themselves Las Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles).

  1. On Thursday 29 and Friday May 30, 2008, Red Juvenil in Medellín received the following message from redesnegras@hotmail.com: "Death to anarchists disguised as a pacifists. No more concerts of drugs and communists. No further notice." The threats were directed at eight members and close friends of Red Juvenil, and signed Aguilas Negras.
  2. The people who appeared on the list and who are and have been activists of our organization were: Gloria Castaño, Martin Rodriguez, Paula Galeano, Eduardo Castrillon, Alexandra Castrillon, Patricia Llano,Diegro Agredo and Claudia Montoya.
  3. On 15 May, in the morning when we arrived at the office of Red Juvenil, we found that light fused had been stolen, something we immediately connected to demands for protection money ('una vacuna') made on the shop at the premises - the shop of the agro-ecological network Raiz (Root) - a 'vacuna' that we refuse to pay.
  4. As is public knowledge, May 17, 2008, Red Juvenil held the "Concert Antimilitarism XIV, commemorating 10 years of its existence" in Labor Park in Boston - an event obstructed by the failure of the Corporación Democracia to keep its agreement with the municipal authority. [Translator's note: Corporación Democracia is the organisation representing and reintegrating paramilitaries 'demobilised' in the 2006 negotiations with the government.] Instead of completing its event with displaced mothers by 11.30 am, its activities had not ended by 2pm and its platform only removed by 7pm. Although we believe that this failure to observe the schedule was tantamount to sabotage by the Corporación Democracia, our concert took place successfully with the particiatipn of more than 5,000 young people, thus meeting our goal of mobilising youth who share our vision of a different society and want to resist all forms of oppression and militarism.


  1. If in the city of Medellín, the municipal council preaches the dismantling of paramilitary structures, exempt from punishment in a process of demobilisation that only benefits those who have made others victims, then why do death threats continue against those who desire a just society, and work in artistic, cultural and nonviolent projects? Those such as Red Juvenil?
  2. The justification to eliminate people indicated in an expression such as "Death to anarchists disguised as pacifists, no more concerts drugs or communist" looks to homogenize society, to make people be identical, not allowing us to think of the possibility of being different as a way to reconstruct humanity. Through its commitment to nonviolence, the Red Juvenil affirms the defence of life and opposes the elimination of human beings for thinking differently.
  3. We reiterate our resolve to continue with the popular nonviolent struggle, to generate proposals to enhance life, joy, respect and the dignity of the human condition, with what we value, what is exceptional and unique - like art, music, nonviolent direct action, put into bodily expression on the streets and combining to mobilise with others who share an affinity for these approaches.


  1. We denounce and reject the threats that paramilitary groups still operating in the city have launched against several members of our organization and others nearby.
  2. Hold the Colombian state responsible for any violation of the rights of our companions in Red Juvenil and close friends
  3. We make this difficult situation known to you so that you may accompany us, and take the actions within your power to protect the well-being of the organisation and the lives of the threatened activists.

Write to these addresses:

United Nations High Commission on Human Rights fsanchez@hchr.org.co

Organization of American States: