23 February 2013 : 1000 days in jail


Enough is enough!

60+ international actions in 15 countries!

The Bradley Manning Support Network (BMSN) has called for an International Day of Action in support of Bradley Manning, the 24-year-old gay US soldier, charged with blowing the whistle on US war crimes by giving thousands of documents to Wikileaks, including the infamous “Collateral Murder” video

Imprisoned in May 2010, Bradley was for months kept in solitary confinement plus additional torture. On 23rd February he will have been detained for 1,000 days without trial.  The military prosecutor is seeking a life sentence for his having got the truth out to us.

15 Countries

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Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,

Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, South Korea, Uganda, US, Wales    

37 cities in USA

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Augusta, Boston, Cahuenga (L.A.), Chicago, Corvallis, Denver, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Leavenworth, Guerneville, Honolulu, Long Beach (L.A.), Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Montrose (L.A.), New York, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Portland, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Studio City (L.A.), Tallahassee, Tempe, Toledo, Tucson, Washington.... 


& Wales

Bangor, Cardiff, Fairford, London (US embassy), London (mobile demo), Menwith Hill, Newport, Peterborough


Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano


Hugo Blanco, Director of Lucha Indígena, Peru.

Bradley Manning was rightly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; however the entrenched corruption in the awarding of the prize, distorting the will of its founder, awarded the prize to Obama, driver of massacres in Afghanistan, and to the European Union, manufacturer and exporter of arms.

Bradley is the ensign of Peace; he honours the name of the United States, showing that those at the bottom don’t share the warmongering of those who, in the service of big business, govern it.

So the system illegally tortures him as a threat to the peace fighters. Despite everything, he remains in high spirits.

Let us follow the example of Bradley, let’s struggle for peace, let’s struggle against wars, without fear of reprisals, let’s learn from Bradley to be truly human.


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