Demand media access to the trial.
Call Maj. General Linnington 202-685-2807

While journalists and citizens alike have been calling for better media access to the Bradley Manning trial, the military has decided to lock the court down even further: media privileges are a right that can be taken away, they asserted. And an appeals court rejected a lawsuit by the Center for Constitutional Rights to make court records in the trial public, arguing it does not have jurisdiction. Call Major General Linnington and demand he allow journalists to record the proceedings, and demand court records be released. 202-685-2807.

The military is making it difficult for reporters to cover the trial by banning all forms of electronic recording devices in the court room. Journalists wanting to type notes on a computer must use the media room, and the military has threatened to stop providing this: “This media operation center is a privilege, not a requirement. Privileges can be taken away.” Further, transcripts of the hearings are not being made available. Long rulings have been read out in court, some as long as fifty pages, but journalists have not been given printed copies.

The Center for Constitutional Rights, along with a number of journalists, filed a lawsuit against the military in order to obtain access to court records which should be accessible to the public. After 5 months, the court of appeals ruled this week that it does not have jurisdiction to make such a decision. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has responded to this ruling by demanding congressional action.

Call Major General Linnington. 202-685-2807
Tell him the media restrictions are unnacceptable

Media access should be a right not a privilege: a fair trial depends on it. General Linnington is the presiding authority over the trial. Call him and demand that he put pressure on Judge Lind to improve media access to the trial. Call 202-685-2807. This trial has profound implications for whistleblowers, and for freedom of the press. Journalists should be recording these proceedings.